There goes the neighborhood.
Travis J. Todd

Your new website looks great, and I think you have a very exciting vision of the future for Silicon Allee. For me, and I think many others in Berlin, Silicon Allee represents Berlin, full stop. As you knowledge, this is an ecosystem that goes beyond the neat neighborhood cut out above. I made a map a few months back while I was doing fieldwork in Berlin of where tech events take place. To be a hub of community, you don’t want to exclude anyone. When we consider the role that gentrification is playing in Berlin, and the many that are coming to startup in Berlin —confining yourself to a “neighborhood” may be unnecessarily limiting (and may come off as elitist). You already transcend this. In many ways, Silicon Allee really is one of the main voices of the Berlin startup ecosystem (think about what was there before you arrived), so don’t limit yourself to any specific ‘hood. Keep being awesome at telling Berlin’s (entire) startup story.

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