Message from Carleton University President Urges ‘Civility,’ Criticizes ‘Noisy Persons’
Michael Bueckert

Spot on Michael. It is apparently important to celebrate diverse opinions, except, of course, the noisy ones the Carleton President doesn’t like.

I find this to be the most ironic statement…“At times we see our democratically-elected representatives unable to do the business for which they were chosen by the din of those exercising what they consider to be their right to freedom of speech. These noisy persons fail to recognize that by preventing their duly-elected representatives to carry out their mandate, they themselves are contravening the basic principle of a civil society. Worse still, they will fail to gain the ear of others because they refuse to listen themselves.”

The student voices protesting ARE democratically-elected representatives on the Board and in Senate, and it is precisely those voices who are being shut down by an administration who refuses to listen.

As Shakespeare so succinctly put it, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”