As a college sophomore, I’ll give you credit for taking a shot — but you should also take note that…
Michael Lancina

I’ll have to agree with you in some respects; I too can’t help but laugh when reading my predictions about a Democratically controlled Congress or Trump losing the election (although I was certainly not alone in those theories). However, I stand by my underlying facts and analysis. The foundational tenets of Conservatism that Paul Ryan tried to promote during the election have been largely ignored by Trump’s speech and actions: what fiscal conservative would approve of spending over $20 billion of federal money on a border wall, or introducing tariffs to stifle free trade and further Trump’s protectionist agenda? The approval of Trump’s ideas from the Republicans of Congress doesn’t imply that his ideas are “Conservative” as it has been previously defined. The Republican party may not be close to death, but it is a mere ghost of the party of Lincoln or even the party of Reagan.

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