Is Life so hard for the students in the 21st Century?

Most of the people think of College or University as an incredible time which offers new experiences and great freedom for the young generation. Everyone considers it as a stage to explore new ideas and find one’s true self.

Nevertheless, the results are entirely different in the 21st century. Likewise, in recent years the alarming rates of depression and anxiety among the young generation have got everyone’s attention, and everyone is showing concern about these disorders.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression is one of the significant causes of illness and infirmity around the globe. However, the contributing factors behind the increasing rate of depression among the young generation are identified as academic pressure, poor eating habits, insomnia, failed relationships and financial concerns.

Being a 21st-century student, I somehow blame the school management for putting students in pressure because students mostly complain about how to write essay for me in one class and do other assignments for another class on the same time

No one can deny the fact that a 21st-century education system demands 21st-century skills. With the advancement of technology throughout the world, innovation and competitiveness have also increased among the nations. Everyone is in the race of competition to prove themselves the best. To compete with the global system, the educational systems are made tougher, and it is triggering anxiety among the young generation.

At the same time, students forget the fact that student life is much easier with the modern facilities of technology. Why worry, when thousands of people out there are waiting to assist you with your studies. If there are essay writers for hire, there is no use of stressing out with the assignments. They are there to help you with the most challenging topics. You can easily find professionals to solve your mathematical and physics related numerical difficulties. To me, the 21st-century student life is much privileged as compared to all the previous centuries. There are so many facilities in the latest world to get an advantage of.

The main problem of excessive stress and depression is that students have started looking at their lives differently. In the modern world, the young generation expects much and relies on others to deal with their problems. If they do not take responsibility for their troubles, then they are not going to find an angel to resolve those.

Life is not a fantasy or a fairy tale. The realities of life are harder, so it is essential for every single person to realize it as soon as possible. Also, the concept of “Hard Work” is replaced by “Smart Work” in the current world. Instead of taking extra tension of education, students can utilize the available tools and techniques to get help.

Although information technology may not overcome all the hurdles students face, it can minimize the possibilities of depression. For instance, you cannot blame the internet for your unproductive habits. How can you blame the internet for your sleeplessness, when you have not learned to use it properly? It is in human nature to blame others for every adverse situation. It is not a solution that you blame others and sits back.

Yes, it is true that two of the factors for depression among the youth are sleeplessness and poor eating habits. But, the good news is that you can get online help to overcome those habits. Some therapists and counselors are voluntarily helping the students on an online platform or through free helplines. Just be open to them, share your problem, they will find out a way to resolve the issue. Talk therapies are considered the best treatments for the young generation.

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