Capstone Project, First Contact with Client

Concern and excitement are in the air.. who will our teams be? What will our real world projects be? Things just got real.

We get our assignments, huddle ( I use this term loosely we actually just sat at desks close to each other) wide eyed, we start with the brief, then quickly move to the website. Clicking, scrolling and searching. We learn as much as we can in the time we have about our clients current product. We discuss what we have observed take notes and start to formulate a plan. Keven takes the lead as organizer extraordinaire. We set up our tactical tools of engagement, Trello, Google folders, and Slack. We have questions — lots of questions. Keven writes them down organizes them into a thoughtful progression to lead the conversation and build knowledge. We feel like we are already in a good place.

The time has come…. time to meet the clients. We take our time with introductions. We listen and take notes. Keven leads most of the questioning with Cherry and myself asking questions to expand on a few topics that seem relevant. We learn about the client, their history and the product’s history. We ask about their business model and competitor. We discuss their long-range goals. We get down to the essence of what they need- increased conversion rates. In an ideal world, they would like to double their conversion rate. We conclude our interview, with a quick overview of how we will proceed and when to expect updates. The clients were great and open to change. We returned to our classroom charged with creating what could be the foundation of a product with great growth and potential. Now it’s time to get to work.

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