Strategy vs. Tactic

According to Webster strategy and tactic are defined as a careful plan or method and the art or skill of employing available means to accomplish an end
It’s easy to overlook the nuances but crucial that one does not. 
A strategy is creating a map to accomplish and outcome. The Strategy is your map the to-do list, a plan. It includes the question of who what when where and goals
The tactic is the actions of completing the strategy. How you take action or the means in which you take that action is part of your tactic. The actions taken to find, ask, and create the who, what, when, where. The end results in a fine-tuned thoughtful deliverable.
The two are symbiotic rather than contentious — not verses but a marriage. One without the other makes accomplishing the end goal longer tougher and not as complete. Strategy and Tactic are a package deal.

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