Asian Men are NOT White-Worshipping — putting lies to rest

Natalie Ng
Oct 29, 2017 · 7 min read

With a baby on the way, I really wanted to take it easy and focus on my health nowadays. For the sake of my child, I really do. But the constant spewing of ignorant and laughably witless remarks and attempts at being racist just couldn’t give a pregnant woman a break. Now normally I would let most of these slide seeing that there are as many idiots in the world as there are roaches (and dealing with just two or three won’t take care of the rest) but in cases like these where I hear the same obviously dumb remark repeated millions of times, that is where I make an exception. Not to mention, I can’t stand idly by when harmful lies are being spread about my husband, brother, father, future son(s) and friends. Lies such as these:

Does anyone else find it funny how this individual demands Asian men to be loyal to Asian women despite the fact that Asian women are the ones marrying/dating out at ~40%?

Yes, the infamous, constantly repeated, idiotic rhetoric that Asian men are white-worshipping. And when I say “constantly repeated,” I do mean constantly repeated. Even recently, a famous blogger (who is ironically in a WMAF relationship herself) attacked AMWF couples on the premises that Asian men in these relationships are automatically white-worshipping. So as you can see, this shit is getting old (and for the record, not all Asian women will “choose a white man over an Asian man” any day — I certainly don’t). But before I go on, I’m going to prelude this article by mentioning that if we’re talking specifically about just Asian/hapa men on reddit, then see my previous write-up on this topic as it explains more clearly as to why AMWF is often promoted in these online groups (and it’s not because of white-worship). However, if we’re talking specifically about Asian men as a whole, then the theory that AMWF is promoted amongst them is completely invalid.

One of the evidence to dispel the accusations of white-worship among Asian men is right in front of everyone’s noses; successful and attractive Asian men who at least somewhat made it in the west and their choices of partners. Ken Watanabe, Daniel Dae Kim, Steven Yeun, and Stephen Chow are a few examples. Note that at least a couple of these men have been rated in western magazines for being some of the “sexiest men alive” (one even won the award twice in a row), magazines that we can assume are read mostly by white and non-Asian women. Yet, if we were to look at the choices of wives and girlfriends that these men have taken up, it’s pretty damn apparent that none of them are white.

And it’s not because they’re unable to attract white women (as it had already been emphasized that some of them were even regarded as sexiest men alive by western magazines). Even in instances such as Bruce Lee who had no difficulties attracting a white woman as evident by the wife he married, it should be noted that he still maintained Asian mistress(es) on the side during his marriage, which would confirm that he was still attracted to Asian women despite being in an AMWF relationship.

Bruce Lee with on-screen girlfriend, Nora Miao

Furthermore, other evidence came in the form of surveys worldwide on men’s pornographic preferences that revealed the majority of men, including Asian men, generally searched for women of their own race.

Top porn searches in the Philippines and Japan, according to Pornhub’s survey

While a common counterargument utilizes the average incomes of AMWF couples versus AMAF couples and the fact that AMWF makes more combined, upon closer inspection, this fact does not prove white-worship among Asian men at all but actually disproves it even further.

Figure 1. Asian men responds to every race of women at the same rates except for black women, according to OKCupid.

Not only do Asian-American men respond to women of most races at about the same rates on OKCupid (Figure 1), but the Asian men who actually do end up marrying white women, in fact, earn less in median income than Asian men who marry Asian women (Figure 2), confirming that, when given the choice, economically well off Asian men will tend to choose Asian women. So how, then, is it possible that the combined incomes of AMWF are, on average, higher than those of Asian couples? Simple; the white wives in AMWF marriages tend to be high-earners themselves relative to wives in WMAF, AMAF and even WMWF (Figure 3). This confirms that it’s not economically “top tier” Asian men who chase after white women, but instead, it is the high-earning and well-educated white women who are open to marrying Asian men.

Figure 2. Median income of Asian men with Asian wives are higher.
Figure 3. Wives in AMWF making more than their husbands at a higher frequency than others.

Additionally, white women in AMWF will tend to have the highest income out of all the white women married to other men, are on average younger than even women married to white men, as well as be the most likely to have their marriage be the first marriage (Figure 4).

Figure 4. Sooooo sorry, 4channers and co., but most AMWF couples consist of better white women — you mad? Good, stay mad.
Lisapeachy and boyfriend

Now compare that to the age and likelihood of it being the first marriage for white men with Asian wives and you’d noticed quite a remarkable difference (Figure 4). This illustrates that Asian men do not get with white women simply based on their being white alone. Many, if not most, Asian men actually have standards for the white women they get with, thereby disproving the accusation that Asian men are all “white-worshipping.” This is in stark contrast to the older, more likely divorced white men that are in the average WMAF who may or may not have some questionable tendencies. Yeah, sorry to burst your bubble, Eliza Romero, but AMWF is healthier and more normal than WMAF after all.

Other noteworthy facts include how Asian men in Asia (in this particular case, Japanese) actually prefer typical characteristics of Asian women such as black hair and how there are a number of Asian men who would prefer women that do not resemble what is typical in white women, such as some Korean men who would rather Kylie Jenner’s not-so-typically-Caucasian features over Taylor Swift’s standard.

Furthermore, having been around Asian spaces long enough, I know that it is a fact that there are, indeed, Asian men who are extraordinarily loyal to Asian women:

While these men do not, in any way, represent all or even most Asian men’s mindsets, what they do highlight, however, is the idea that Asian men are all white-worshipping or would prefer to date any woman not Asian is entirely false.

More than that, I am also aware that some have even resorted to using my name and my subreddit, r/EasternSunRising, to reinforce the belief that only Asian women support AMAF and never Asian men.

This can’t be further from the truth. EasternSunRising was a concept discussed between me and another, yes, believe it or not — Asian man, who originally I wanted to have lead the subreddit but he declined, believing it to be a welcoming change for a woman to finally lead a pro-Asian site instead. Not to mention, another AMAF subreddit, r/Asiancouples, was actually made by an Asian man alone (I was merely placed there to help mod and help with the design but it was no way my idea nor my creation) and was made long before EasternSunRising came to existence.

For now, it is unknown how these lies came to be. It can only be speculated that these are simply more racist attempts to smear Asian men as “desperate” for white women’s attention as well as a method to deflect any sort of discussion that questions the underlying racism causing the disparity between AMWF and WMAF by shutting Asian men (and those who support them) down as “hypocritical”. The accusers (particularly those who are Asian women with white men) could also be placing themselves entirely too much in Asian men’s shoes and assume that Asian men are just as biased towards whites as they are. Whichever the case, it is essential that such false claims are dispelled as soon as possible for the discussion on improving the plight of the Asian community to finally move on.

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