Slow day at the pub.

Tonight I forgot to return the bread we borrowed. I intended on doing it on my way home. The amount of bread we need was ordered so that we’re able to return product to Term, Beast, and Pint tomorrow. I will do this tomorrow afternoon around 4pm before I come in.

Specials menus were placed in inserts and the old infusions menus were thrown away this morning.

Specials were a fun challenge for us as a team today. I appreciate the gradual introduction of new techniques and raising the bar on us. Thank you Ryan. 2 of the 4 dish presentations are posted to Slack. Others should be posted later tonight or tomorrow morning.

All booze orders are in. TN Crown doesn’t have Strongbow in stock, but Nick said it’s on order.

Bubba dropped off a game schedule for the upcoming football season and he relayed that he’ll be by again this Friday because Tritex won’t be delivering on Labor Day.

Athens is also closed next Monday, so we won’t be able to place an order with them next week until Wednesday the 6th. Best Brands will be closed as well. I attached a flyer Mary Claire gave me this afternoon to the beer order sheet.

Yesterday afternoon I over-ordered some product and didn’t order pretzels by mistake — sorry guys. Tim is coming to the pub tomorrow to deliver and pick up the following product. It’s all in the walk-in to the right:

They’re delivering:

- 3 cases of pretzels

We’re returning:

- 1 case of corned beef

- 1 case of turkey

- 1 case of hashbrowns

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