Pantone’s 2016 forecast colours are based on global trends for current and growing markets.

Fresh colour palette for 2016

Red can of cola. Yellow arches. Egg shell blue box. These colours are enough to recognise the brands Coca Cola, McDonalds and Tiffany’s.

Colour is key to branding, because it has an immediate impact. Colour has the power to attract, captivate and spark our imagination. It can differentiate products and instantly engage customers.

Consistently using brand colours across all communications increases brand recognition over time. A clear brand palette anchors details of communication across all platforms, from business cards to packaging, merchandise and online marketing.

Colour has a direct psychological impact on consumers. In a study, Impact of Color in Marketing, researchers found up to 90% of snap decisions about products are based on colour.

For brands struggling to be relevant in shifting markets, colour trend forecasts can offer a competitive edge. Pantone recently launched their colour palette for 2016, with hues that are fresh and lively.

A strong brand isn’t a one-time investment. Big brands are constantly building and strengthening their identities. Think of Cannon, Apple, Nike and Woolworths, businesses who repeatedly rebrand as they grow. Rebranding is an opportunity to define what a company offers, highlight it’s USP, give potential customers a reason to choose this over the competition and reassure loyal customers they have made the best choice. This process is vital to the growing small business too.

A new year brings a shift in taste and fashion, which is an exciting opportunity we can leverage. How is your business using colour in 2016?

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