I can’t think of a game that moves like GoNNER does. The world trembles at your every jump, recoils at every shot. It screams. It shakes. Bats, ghosts, walls; the further you go, the more they scream, flicker, shudder and flash. And then it’s over, it calms down. You start again. This debut from Scandinavian developers Art in Heart may not be the deepest platformer out there, but it sure leaves one hell of an impression.

At a surface level, GoNNER is a pretty standard platform-shooter with light elements of rogue-lite random generation: maps are random, but hand-crafted, and the game slowly unlocks a series of guns, items, and heads. Each Head changes the way your headless boy, Ikk, controls in some fundamental way: The Gun Head fires an extra bullet from your face, the Ant Face lets you glide. …


Natalie Clayton

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