Lesson: Fossil Fuel

Monday Class

School: New Traditions

Location: Frog Hall

Ages: K-2

— — — — — — — — — — —

Set up the tables in Frog Hall to be able to sit 17 kiddos.

5 of them were in 2nd grade.

1 of them in 1st grade.

The rest in K.

Split them up into tables by class.

Had volunteer helpers. (They all wanted to help).

Made a game.


Enveloped clothespins, corks, black beans, white beans, green beans, and toy dinosaurs in aluminum (some of them were mixed with food coloring for a surprise element). Then items were enveloped with clay and rolled in sand.

The kids were to become “archaeologists” by using tools (forks) to break apart the surface and dig into their clay mounds to find “treasures from the past era”.

The clothes pins representative made by mankind. The corks represented the wheel — another tool made by mankind. The beans were to represent hunting and gathering. And the dinosaurs were to represent the past era which would soon become fossil fuel in our present day.

I have plastic bottle set up so that the people who got the clothes pins could try to gather with the people who got the beans in order to pick up the beans with their clothes pins and try to put it into the hole of the neck of the bottle.

Then we had “builders” gather up all the clay and making them into mountains.

In the lesson we talked about different layers of the Earth from peat to the center of the core.

Then we made the mounds of clay into an “active” volcano using your imagination, baking soda, and vinegar.

We spoke about how life and water go hand and hand. We spoke about how underneath there are not only coal, but petroleum energies (used butane for example)

Did a quick fire experiment using water, soap, butane and a lighter.

The kids were amazed.