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How my life miraculously sorted itself together

What up folks! 👋🏻 I know, I know…it’s been a while since I last posted. Truth is, the reality of post-grad came at me hot, fresh, and definitely not ready. My spirit was knocked in all sorts of ways and I found myself anxious 24/7. Imagine Mercury in retrograde 💫, but lasting almost an entire year. When you’re in a funk, it becomes hard to express yourself authentically. I’ve gotten more introverted as a result and I guess I’m on a journey to rediscover how to express myself again.

It’s actually incredible how life has a way of uniting our hardships, especially when it comes to transitional periods. Everything I experienced was experienced by someone else before. That was a weird sentence, but ya feel me? We like to play the victim and feel small… but in reality, a lot of our problems are pretty much universal. It’s easier to give in to those troubles and stay trapped in one place than to admit you’re headed towards an inflection point— whether you’re buckled in or not! This inflection point for me was changing my career path and basically saying FUCK YOU🖕🏻to my Biology degree and my family’s expectations. It was extremely difficult and made me a shell of myself, just coasting through time (sounds dramatic but literally what it felt like). It’s unreal how career stability cleared up a lot of negativity in my life. I guess when you’re older (🗣 boooo), your identity gets connected to work. So as a result, work becomes a huge component of your overall wellbeing. If you’re lacking in one major area that you deem significant, it’ll produce a shitty self-deprecating domino effect. But guess what? Almost everybody I talked to has felt this, are still feeling this, or will probably feel this again! I guess we just have to take it as it is — a huge pain in the ass that we all have to deal with. A big part of growing up is dedicated to realizing this. …


Nat Dao

Just another millennial seeking personal growth and the shit that comes with it

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