Without a solution to drug and alcohol addiction this is just a pipe dream.
Robert Moore

Would it surprise you that one of the best solutions to lowering drug and alcohol use is getting people out of poverty? When they gave people money in Kenya, they found that people just naturally stopped spending so much on alcohol and tobacco. Not because they had to, but because they wanted to.

Think about that oft-cited rat study — the rats who lived alone in plain cages drank 19x more morphine water than the experimental group. The group living in Rat Park, with wheels and balls and other rats to play with and plenty of room to move around, preferred just drinking plain water (even if they had been previously addicted to the morphine water).

Now imagine Rat Park in human proportions, with enough space to move around and fun things to do and people to socialize with. What gives people the ability to experience human connection and participate in enjoyable activities? Money.

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