so yeah. (D)

So yeah.

My name is Natalie and i am mainly starting this as some sort of weight-loss guide, coming from a normal, un-athletic, alcohol consuming twenty (something) year old. I don’t really know how i’m going to get views seeing as i don’t feel particularly confident in sharing this to my real life pals via social network so i’m hoping some of you will stumble upon this and become my blog friend. “BLOG FRIEND”. slight inbetweeners quote in there. i’m rambling.

So yeah. i need to stop saying “so yeah” right now. BE GONE.

I started Slimming World in March this year (2015) and so far I have lost just under two stone. The issue is i have kind of plateaued for lets be honest about 2 months and i have definitely ruined my life these last too weeks and i need to go to group and face the music. Da Da DUMMM.

I have four days before dooms day.

I am going to try and make it a less of what i know will be a gain and get back on track!

Now i know we allow 15 syns per day. But this is why it is mucho harder for myself, you know with having a social life each weekend and drinking vast amounts of alcohol i have to save any syns i get for that.

So the things i will change ARE

  1. Drink more of the good ol’ H20
  2. Eat fruit after every meal (reason being i don’t like veg, pardoning mushrooms and lettuce so i’m lacking in speed food)
  4. Most importantly STICK TO PLAN

That’s is all to start with.

I may more than likely with come on here to moan when i’m hangry and i probably will write about other things other than dieting. I have decided if its a diet post i will mark it with a (D) in the title. huhuhuhu. i’m being rude now.

Au revoir.

Do follow me i’d be reyt chuffed. (thats a very northern english accent there, apologies)

Oh and did one of those before and after so you can see the difference so far….