The Power of Storytelling

Today story telling is a popular yet controversial buzzword and I think in some situations it can be overused; however, I think it’s really important in the media.

According to Bobby Rettew in his article “Why I hate the Story telling Buzzword” he thinks story telling ultimately comes down to defining what is a “good story.” I totally agree with this because a company could tell a story that is not interesting, relatable, or motivational, and I would not consider it story telling simply because it is not compelling.

In most cases people have different opinions about what story telling is; however, I think some companies actually do have genuine values that care about compelling stories in their content strategies. In Rettew’s article a user posted on social media “more often than not, the story being told isn’t the company’s story.” This is a reason why the term is controversial because on one hand people think story telling is just a way for companies to get sales, and on the other hand stories can win people’s heart and make them want to change.

According to the article “Once Upon a Time: Is Story telling Just another Buzzword?” the branding expert Martin Lindstrom said that we don’t buy simply with our conscious mind. He argues that we are influenced by our feelings and what we sense. Because we incorporate emotion in our decision making I think storytelling can be an effective way to promote a brand and to express the company’s values. I have to agree with Lindstrom because stories are a great way to relate to people.

Lastly, I was looking up storytelling in advertisements and I found a Guinness ad that was really emotional and I wasn’t expecting it to be a commercial for beer. I think the story was successful because they wanted to express that they were “made of more.”


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