Introduce yourself to yourself and stop kidding yourself.

Happy Easter / Bank Holiday wishes!

Christ apparently rose from the dead — I doubt there´ll be a second coming; we wouldn´t believe it if there was — Fake News! We might be in need of one though — no one really thought Brexit would come to pass, no one thought Trump could win the election, no one THINKS that someone will drop the Nuclear Bomb…

I won´t be going to church to get preached at but I do pray that this world aggression can find a peaceful safety valve.

Thats enough of the topical banter! Down to business.

Sorry I am a few days late. These measurements were taken on Friday.

WEIGHT — 11 stone (one pound more!)

TARGET 10 stone (Same)

UPPER ARM — 12 Inches (Same)

WAIST 35 inches (one inch less before yoga)

BUM 41 (same)

THIGH 23 (same)

I know RIGHT! I am weighing in at one pound more. BUT! I don´t care! I am doing this for strength, not skinnyness. And I am feeling stronger. Definitely. And a little bit firmer. I have lost an Inch off my waist which is important because that´s one of my top aims. I can deal with my arms being large, they will just have to tone up from all the chaturangas; which by the way, it is MAJORLY IMPORTANT to get right so you don´t dammage your lower back. watch-

I Digress… its the belly muffin top I need to get gone!! I am under no illusion, that´s not getting any firmer on its own. I am not a cat, it is not acceptable to have floor dragging tumtum! Fact is; our muscles are never in a state of inaction. They are always either weakening or strengthening. Consider that next time you decide to take the car when you have time to walk.

My week Post Yoga Blog. On the Friday I wrote the blog then I did my yoga from Yoga upload. That was great, that felt good and I put a lot of focus and effort into it (probably because I had written the blog)

On Saturday I had a long drive to do and I didn´t really feel like it but I got on the matt and I tricked myself into half a yoga session! (see update — )

Off the back of my blog my friend Marianne requested a friends yoga session in her garden on Sunday. I taught (sort of) my first ever yoga lesson. It went so well. So the first three days — all going well. Then Monday hit and I´d had a big Sunday (not drinking but with friends having fun nevertheless) so had a day off… I have got a feeling I didn’t get back on the matt ´til Friday, but I did go for a big walk on the hills mid week. I mean a two hour hike. And this weekend has been rubbish for yoga BUT once again, I have been walking Oli the Dog on the hills as I am Pet sitting. I have also given quite a few Massages this week and that in itself is exercise.

Ya know what? This is ALL good. Its an improvement on the week before the Blog — BB! And improvement week on week is what we want!

AB -After Blog effects — Every morning I think to myself “what will my exercise be today.” and if its Yoga then I KNOW I NEED to get on the matt that morning. ASAP. If I tell myself “later” it won´t happen. Don´t kid yourself, Introduce yourself to yourself and know what you´re like! If my exercise is walking on the hills I need to be realistic about the time I have for that and check that the weather is going to hold up — If I don´t do that then I am deliberately inviting the weather (or anything) to scupper my exercise “plans” basically I am kidding myself, I need to stop kidding myself! If I do check the weather I am actualising my exercise by truly BELEIVING. Once you TRULY believe you are going to walk the hills or do the yoga you are making it all the more likely to become reality. I mean who put´s the matt down and dresses in the leggins, and fetches the water and finds the programme or music to suit that day and then does NOT get on and do at least a little yoga? You might as well have an arms race and then not got to war. Or make a nuclear bomb and not use it! (sorry!)

I am more body conscious; in a positive way. I am not ignoring my body because its not telling me what I want to hear. Neither am I having a go at myself because my tummy isnt tight enough or my ass is too flabby. I am just concious that I am on this path and that this time next week I will feel just a tiny bit of improvement. Week on week!

Just a final thought — about yoga not world tension — if you don´t sleep like the proverbial brick (like me!) then maybe you should look into specific pre bed time yoga uploads on youtube. They are only 20 minutes. That time when you know you are too tired to sleep but guess what, you also know you wont´t just nod off to lalaland in 5 minutes flat.