Use it or Lose it.

Glimmers of hope!

Weight loss, none. Body mass loss, a little bit! (This is really only one weeks results because I was hurled back to square one recently) Waist measure 35. One inch down, 5 to go!

Change: Live Yogurt banana, nuts and honey for breakfast, and yoga every day.

Good afternoon everyone! Thanks for coming! You will be pleased to know, the darkness has completely lifted and once again I feel capable, motivated and positive.

Good thing of the week — I found out that my local village hall is only £6 an hour to hire. There is nothing stopping me getting a few friends together for a yoga session!

Next good thing — This last week I can finally say I am getting results. Yippee! These results come in more than one form; the physical is just the beginning!

Last week I began Yoga Revolution with Adrienne, which is a 31 day course on you tube. I am up to day 7 and its easy because some of them are only 20 minutes! I am definitely feeling stronger already, think I am a little bit firmer and generally feeling rewarded for the effort. Great news! Thats what we are here for. But, in addition to this, I am feeling a stronger mind body connection.

Those yogi’s out there (who sure a chips arnt reading this- We are safe!) will know what I mean by mind body connection but if you are not on the matt then you might not even realise there IS a gap to bridge! On a mundane level its the need to twist to the right when you have just twisted to the left to grab somthing: like the loo roll off the back of the cistern! …TMI? Lol If you are mindful of your body and what it goes through, you’ll feel the need to even up the reaching twist! I also I find myself thinking about my posture and therefore holding myself much straighter. Head over neck, neck over spine. Creates an illusion of being taller too! ;)

And THIS… Dun Dun Durrrrrr!

This burst of enlightenment came to me while ‘yogaing’… in line with the old concept (not trying to plug my massage therapy!!!) your body IS a temple, and yoga? YOGA is the PRAYER!!!

…bit if time passes…

OMG…I dont know if this makes me a massive genius or a COMPLETE dunce! I have JUST, this moment, googlised the above concept, and its ALREADY OUT THERE?!?! I PROMISE I have never studied any yoga phylosophy. Far from it! A yogi once said to me, Yogi’s dont eat Garlic and at that i made a life long vow never to be a yogi! So, either, I have heard this concept in the distant past and its risen from my deep subconsious during a practice; OR this concept is indeed the natural rationale at which your brain arrives from the mind body connection you inevitably feel from yogaing! Doesnt matter! Its a main point of the thing! I say ‘A’ and not ‘THE’ because, I was not lying, I know nothing about yoga phylosophy, there might be a bigger main point. I guess i’ll let you that if it also decides to hit me in another bolt of inspiration while on the mat! As main points go its great because I need not explain; its totally accessable to ANYBODY, not just those who have completed 500 hours of yoga phylosophy.

Final concept, also a wonderful cliche… Use it or lose it! The fact is your body needs you. Whether we come to this world from an ethereal land of mass consciousness or we are simply a pile of symbiotic cells and microbes, this is the only body we have and its the only thing that allows our souls (sentient selves) to inhabit this earth and this LIFE. The body cant function without sustinance and will fail without care. Yoga is a regular Platinum Standard Service. Start as soon as possible! There are so many cases of OAP’s have healed their hunched backs or their slipped discs and are proof that if its necessay you can start when things begin to fail BUT, you know what they say about prevention!

Get on the mat people! xx

Maybe don’t start day 7 unless you are already feeling strong! xx