Enigmatic Thoughts

He’s following her…running, wanting to catch her but she’s running faster than him. The light is starting to fade away. She doesn’t know when to stop. She doesn’t know where to go. But he couldn’t stop following her.

This protracted fear is not ending. How is she going to stop? And if she stops, will he take her away from this bright life that she was living? Will she ever be happy again? Will she ever be smiling again? She couldn’t breathe anymore. She can’t run… She wants to stop but he’s about to grab her arm. She’s shaking from fear. She’s crying. She stops…She wipes her tears away and looks around her to where she arrived. She found herself in a gloomy forest.

There is nothing but a dark abyss. All she could hear is her throbbing heart with his footsteps which is getting closer and closer with each step. Deep down she knows that the more she runs from him, the more she enters the darkness. “Is it all worth; the pain, the cuts and bruises she is getting along the way? Is it all worth?” she keeps on thinking. Maybe it is all in her head that he could ever do harm to her. Maybe she is stronger. Maybe the fear she had was unreasonable. After all, fear is nothing but the thought of the worst possible future that may or may not happens. With all the blessings, she finally sees a dim light at the far-end of the pathway she is running. Is she going to make it?

Instead of sprinting towards the light, she stopped and there she stands with might. She grasps her hands into a fist and turned around. She kept on waiting for that creature to come towards her while the pain in her body kept tormenting. The time arrived when he is right in front of her; staring at her in her fiery eyes. But he is not moving at all. He just kept that stare. But why was he not moving? Maybe it is true that the cowards only devour on the weak ones. It is true that the strongest one survives. His ability to convey fear is nothing compared to the resistance she has against it. There was no choice for him but to kneel and surrender while she turns and walk towards the light with pride. And there it is; a gorgeous scenery that human eyes have ever met. But is it the ‘and she lives happily ever after’ moment? She knows it is not. She knows there is more to come. But now she knows that instead of running, she has to fight it with greater force. Because fear is just a thought of an unfortunate future. Nothing else.

Thank you for reading this story…This time I got a little help in writing from a friend of mine…Hope you enjoyed it!