Univision Commercial / Photo: Natalie Jimenez

The main language in my home has always been Spanish. For as long as I can remember, Univision has made its way into my home every day at any time. It has been my parents’ most reliable source of information for years. Of course, they have developed other ways to become informed with the rise of social media and ability to have other Spanish-spoken networks, but Univision has never seemed to fail them. Due to its constant presence in my home, it has become my main source of Spanish-spoken news. It has provided me with a different perspective of what is going on in the world.

Section 6 of Trump’s executive action explains that he is looking toward punishing documented individuals (immigrant or not) that aid undocumented immigrants in any way. Univision took this information and created a story angled at individuals who challenge this notion. People like Dan Sutton and Juan José Gutiérrez believe it is inhumane to cast aside people in need, regardless of their legal status, and would be willing to be arrested if it meant helping someone who needed it. It wraps up by suggesting this action would only backtrack the process of this country and become a burden for many communities.

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