2016 GRAMMY Awards Recap: What happened from my point of view

The biggest night in music, also know as the GRAMMY Awards were last night on CBS and they were… I will be honest, they were “alright.”

Let’s review the show in order to remember the good, the bad, the ugly and the just plain strange ~ish~ that went down last night.

First off, Taylor Swift opened the show with her newest single off 1989 “Out of the Woods.” My reaction? LESS.THAN.STELLAR. Like honestly, it just wasn’t good and it just was not entertaining to say the least. Probably the most interesting part of the performance (when I wasn’t starring at her terrible new haircut) was when “Out of the Woods” co-writer Jack Antonoff joined her on stage. The only bad and unsuprising part about this was that I watched the GRAMMY’s with “my gurls,” none of which (besides my pop culture obsessed self) knew who Jack Antonoff even was. #ignorantaf

Taylor Swift

With all that said, T-Swifty’s performance was not worthy of opening the GRAMMYs, although it probably did pull in high audience for the show, which was a smart choice on the GRAMMYs part. My perfect 2016 GRAMMY opening would have easily been The Weeknd performing “Can’t Feel My Face” with fire in the back ground and then breaking into the GRAMMY man of the night, Kendrick Lamar. But, I don’t plan these things so don’t mind me.

LL Cool J made his first appearance as the host of the show (1 of like 3 the whole night tbh) and had the honest swagger of a champion. In the words of Beyonce from her new song “Formation” LL had “hot sauce in his bag, swag.”

Side note: Kendrick Lamar won Best Rap Album and everyone was like YES PLEASE. He won 5 times Monday night. Congrats!!!!!

Kendrick Lamar

Carrie Underwood, who won Best New Artist back in 2007 then took the stage with Best New Artist Nominee (and now loser) Sam Hunt, singing a sensual mash up of their song together “Heartbeat” and Hunt’s solo song “Take Your Time.” It was so amazing, so beautiful. I couldn’t handle their gorgeous faces and voices so close together and it honestly looked like they were going to make out, which would have been a dream come true for all.

Then, another amazing performance from The Weeknd shook the stage. Introduced by Ariana Grande’s annoying real voice and her attempt to be funny that fell threw, The Weeknd complete rocked it, not only look ~*gorgeous af*~, but also by singing stripped-down versions of “Can’t Feel My Face” and “In the Night.” I wanted to cry in the moment.

The Weeknd kissing his GRAMMYs

The Selena Gomez tried to introduce Andra Day and Ellie Goulding, but she sounded sick and I just wanted to walk on stage and give her a cough drop.

But thankfully, Andra Day sounded beautiful and at the top of her game, singing “Rise Up” and I felt wheyey upppp, I felt bleeesseeedd. Then of course, Ellie Goulding killed it too, joining her on stage singing “Love Me Like You Do” before the two vocally-gifted women concluded their performance by singing “Rise Up” together. IT WAS SO GOODDDDDD!!

Side note: Chris Stapleton won Best Country Album

Chris Stapleton

There was an epic tibute to Lionel Richie that followed. It was fantastic, featuring John Legend, Meghan Trainor, Demi Lovato, Luke Bryan and Tyrese (yes, Tyrese is back to singing apparently). The tribute was “easy like Sunday morning” and the best parts of it were audience camera cuts to Lionel Richie himself, dancing and singing to his own songs like a straight up legend.

Then suddenly! All the stars got together when Lionel came on stage and they all sang “All Night Long” and we all felt really nice and warm and fuzzy inside. *oh and Demi sang so hard she look like she was going to explode

Ryan Seacrest was there and while he was introducing Little Big Town he said their perfromance of “Girl Crush” was going to be like we have never heard it before and then LBT performed and it seriosuly sounded the exact same to me (still angelic btw) except with a symphony playing in background. So that was that.

Then … Stevie Wonder! Stevie Wonder! Stevie Wonder! *Oh and Jack Antonoff in the audience with a red solo

Stevie Wonder

Now it’s Stevie and Pentaonix! Omg was screaming! They sang a little together, performing a tribute to Maurice White, but the whole time I kind of just wanted Penatonix to shut up and wanted to just hear Stevie. No hate though, it was still hella ~good good~.

AND THEN OMG STEVIE STOOD UP FOR DISBILITES. YAS YAS YAS! The GRAMMYs proved they rock by making the winner card accessable to Stevie by writing it in braille and I was like preach preach preach!! Stevie even plugged in there what we were all thinking, “that everything should be accessible for anyone.” Can I get a YES PLEASE?!

Side note: “Thinking Out Loud” won Song of the Year

Ed Sheeran

The Eagles threw it back and I didn't care but it was still good because they are so classic. Irving Azoff got some long award and it was announced by Anna Kendrick along with introducing Best New Artist nominees Tori Kelly and James Bay who completely melted everyone’s hearts.

James Bay became my new “man-that-kind-of-looks-like-a-woman-but-it-makes-him-look-super-hot-like-Jared-Leto” crush. Tori Kelly sang effortlessly and I was just like how were you not famous AF before last year? She kileld it. Like those two brought the place down.

Some Broadway called Hamilton thing happened from NYC and I wondered if it was really necessary. Apparently it was an ode to hip hop about Alexander Hamilton. It was good I just wish I knew what the point of it was and what it was all about because I kind of ended up just laughing at it.

Hamilton cast accepting their GRAMMY

Wait, why is Don Cheadle there? He introduced Kendrick Lamar, who started out chained to the mic with jail cells around him as an ode to the Black Lives Matter moment. I see someone was not fazed by Beyonce's backlash, thankfully. There was also fire in the background and and it looked so.damn.cool! It was like a Kanye West performance except 1,000 times better, it had an actual point and we could actually understand it because Kendrick didn’t need every other word he said bleeped out.

Soon after Kendrick’s performance, Gwen Stefani premiered a music video and we honestly weren’t sure if it was a part of the show, a commercial, or what was happening in the moment. Later I found out via the Wendy Williams Show hat it was a live music video which is really impressive. Go Gwen!

Miguel performed. I still hold a grudge against him after he kicked a girl a few years ago at the Billboard Music Awards so I didn’t really pay attention to his tribute but I know it was for Michael Jackson so I probably really missed out. :(

Side note: Best Rock Song Alabama Shakes

Bruno Mars introdcued Adele, who didn’t even try to sing “All I Ask” and it still sounded amazing even with audio issues. Like she is so talent. Like she is just amazing.


Kaley Cuoco from ‘The Big Bang Theory’ was randomly selected to introduce Justin Bieber, who performed a stripped-down version “Love Yourself” by just playing the chords on his guitar and sounded incredible. I seriously thought I just fell in love with Justin Bieber again, but then he threw his guitar down on the ground and I thought, “Back to his bad-boy ways again! All good things must come to an end.”

JBiebs performed his GRAMMY-winning hit “Where Are U Now” with Jack U (a.k.a Skrillex and Diplo) and then everyone got ready for the beat to drop at one point and it didn’t and it was awkward to have to put our hands down because it didn’t drop and stayed slow and kind of got strange after a while.

Justin Beiber

The whole time it sounded like Justin was singing to to Selena (well we wanted to think that) and so I began to wish that they would put up pics of ~Selena~ in the background along with videos of all the times he has been arrested and then break into “Sorry.” But then the beat finally dropped.

So at this point in the show I’m just like, “This has been going on forever can it just end b/c I am tired, but I can’t stop watching.” Like seriously the GRAMMYs have got to shorten the show from 4 hours to 3. It’s hard out here for a pimp.

BEST NEW ARTIST IS MEGHAN TRAINOR!! CONGRATS!!! She accepted it from Sam Smith and she cried her way through her acceptance speech and it made me cry and everyone felt so happy for her because she slays so hard and has had a really great year and really deserves it. You know you’ve made it when Sam Smith sends you an award. See you at the Emmy’s Sam!

Meghan Trainor

Ed Sheeran announced Lady Gaga’s tribute performance to the late-great David Bowie tribute and Gaga’s make up, hair, oufit and the background effects looked so cool it hurt my soul. Her performance was effortlessly entertaining and literally proved that Gaga is just too cool for all of us and we all need to accept it and move on.

There was as a salute to B.B. King where Chris Stapleton performed. Subtle, yet great guitar tribute. Really beautiful and meaningful.

ALABAMA SHAKES!!!! slayed slayed slayed *enough said

Alabama Shakes

Johnny Depp unfortunetly and unnecessarly performed right after Alabama Shakes along with Alice Cooper and some other guy that I had no clue who he was, and I couldn’t hear a thing and they all looked really old. It kind of changed the mood of the GRAMMYs from a young and hip show, to a strange, dark, weird dungon-club performance on the Sunset Strip.

Aww so cute! Joey Alexander, 12, this year’s youngest grammy nominee who can play the piano better than I could ever in my whole life performed and for some reason during his performance, they cut to Don Cheadle, so yeah..?

The GRAMMY president also wanted viewers of the show to know that they dislike music streaming and asked us not to do it anymore. Ok, no.

Then they did the annual GRAMMY tribute to stars who have passed over the last year and it was beautiful, ending with a video-within-a-video of Natalie Cole (oh what a gorgeous first name!) who passed away in 2015 singing a tribute to her dad Nat King Cole. All the feels. All the chills were over my body.

Side note: Taylor Swifts 1989 won Album of the Year, and people were mad on Twitter because they thought Kendrick Lamar should have won, but no one was honestly surprised because she wins everything anyways. She also took the time to SLAM Kanye West who said he was responsible for her fame and everyone was like stop, but like please don’t stop. She’s right. No one is responsible for your success if you work hard as a mofo.

Then Beyonce came on stage and everyone passed out. Well, just me. And Uptown Funk, funked it up at the GRAMMYs by winning the biggest award of the night, Record of the Year. CONGRATS!!!

Bruno Mars who sings on Uptown Funk accepting the award

Pitbull wierdly closed the show by performing Taxi and inviting ‘Modern Family’ actress Sofia Vergara to dance with him and it made everyone feel uncomfortable and then the telecast ended, cutting the performance off before it ended.

OK, there you have it! A full review of my thoughts on the GRAMMYs, ending as abrupt and weird as Pitbull’s performance. Can’t wait for next year. Now on to the Oscars.

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