Work Your Magic!

Sadly, Natalie Sisson’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge is coming to an end. Between working during the day and blogging in the evening, the days have passed quickly. I’ve enjoyed the challenge and probably wouldn’t have started blogging for months had I not participated. Today, Natalie asks us to reflect on the experience, our favorite challenge, takeaways and next steps.

I’ve loved all the challenges. I felt fired up every time I sat down to write one and more fired up when I was done. I went from zero to sixty in just a few days, from not writing at all to pounding out blogs and graphics on a daily basis. Many days I was so jazzed I had a hard time sleeping. It felt great to be so engaged and inspired.

My favorite challenge is the first one because writing it got me off the dime and I felt so energized writing it. “Whatever You’re Dreaming About…Just Do It!” was about finding my focus and I wrote about my experience with a NeuroGym brain retraining program. During the fourth week of the program I suddenly felt incredibly motivated and everything came together in a few days. I imagined a business idea and registered for a website name that resonated with it. The next day I received the blog challenge from a friend and felt like the universe was opening a large door for me to walk through. Many other synchronicities lined up that said, “This is it! Just do it!”

One of the biggest signs I was on the right path came when I pulled the “Work Your Magic” card out of an Oracle Deck I was consulting. The card meaning read, “Your clear and focused intentions, positive expectations, prayers, decrees, and action steps all create the healings and manifestations you desire.” Wow. The message couldn’t have been more clear. I had asked for a sign that my business idea and the website name I was considering were the right ones and would be successful. When you get a sign like that, you have to give it everything you’ve got. And so I did.

The day I wrote the first blog, I work really early (rare for me), began to write, and the words just flowed. That showed me that I could really do it. That I could write. That I could come up with ideas. That I could possibly write something that could inspire and uplift others. That was the ambition I had and the name I had selected for my website: In the days that followed, the ideas kept coming and the words kept flowing. I started to find my voice and I loved it.

Writing that first blog made me take action quickly and move forward in ways I hadn’t dreamed of. I’d been researching blogging and business ideas for some time, and if I hadn’t joined Natalie Sisson’s challenge, I’d still be stuck in that rut. Pondering, not doing. This challenge and that first blog forced me to hold my nose and jump off the high dive. I didn’t know much about blogging, but I figured out what I needed to, and each day I learned a little more. Halfway through I felt confident enough to add a bio about myself. It revealed that I had chucked the corporate life and aspired to live an exceptional life and help others do the same. I had not intended on sharing so much of my personal life and thoughts in the blogs, nor to put myself on the spot like that, but I did, and it became a cathartic journey as I progressed from day to day.

Perhaps because I was “all in,” a little magic happened every day. I worked my own personal magic by focusing my intentions, thoughts and actions so fiercely on every blog I wrote. And I was feeling the magic frequently while I wrote. My chakras buzzed when I got a good idea and I often felt connected to my higher power. It made me feel good about myself and what I was doing. I was inspired and transforming.

My biggest takeaway? That I can do this. That writing to inspire and uplift others is what I should be doing and that it’s just the beginning. There are so very many possibilities. So I’ll work my magic. I’ll entwine it in everything I do. And as I plan my next steps, learning how to build a website, finding an audience, marketing myself, and doing all the many things to help my business grow and thrive, I’ll always be thankful for Natalie’s challenge and how she inspired and uplifted me.

Inspired and uplifted,


Natalie Kelly is a reformed staffing, project management and consulting professional who chucked the corporate world almost three years ago and now aspires to live an exceptional life and help others do the same. Look for her upcoming website,, and Facebook group, Inspired and Uplifted, in the weeks to come.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10

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