Love letter to Pleiade

Dear Pleiade,

I hope that one day you find what you are looking for. You are lost in a colorless world, surrounded by colorless people in destress. Everyone around you is bolted to the ground but you were carved into the clouds. Although you are searching for something, you are in motion. Your beautiful curls gently float behind you as you soar through the sky. You robe, pushes by the wind, contours your body but sways in the back. Each fold strategically rippling in the air creating a beautifully romantic effect. Although you're not fully clothed, you are confident in yourself. Completely distracted by what you are searching for. What are you looking for? Confide in me. Tell me your secrets. I wish I could help ease your stress so you wouldn't have that anxiously determined look on your face. I wish I could ease the tension in your body so that you could rest. Slowly put down your hand from shielding your eyes and let the sun lead the way to your lost love.

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