How to talk with your users: 3 takeaways from “The Mom test” by Rob Fitzpatrick.

I get asked often which book about UX I would recommend to someone trying to understand the basics and improving their testing/user feedback process (especially for startups).
So, here we go :)

Recently, I finished reading “The Mom test” by Rob Fitzpatrick about user testing and the idea validation process. I took plenty of notes so that I could share some crucial points with you.

Reading with a view :) From my IG @siberiancyborg

💡 Talk about their life instead of your idea.
It’s a common misconception to start a conversation with “Oh, you know, I have such a cool idea for my startup! It’s like the new Uber for Instagram. What do you think about it?”
Instead, ask people about their habits, life, and what they do day by day.

Your face when someone wants to pitch you another idea about “uber/airbnb for” :)

⏳Ask about some specifics from the past instead of regarding about generics or opinions about the future.
If you ask someone “How often do you go to gym?”, then it’s more likely that people will respond by hyperbolising, giving higher numbers. It’s fine, everyone wants to appear better than they are, but a better chance to find out the truth comes with the question “How many times did you go to the gym last week?”. It helped me greatly.

After my first day in gym. Your too? :)

😶Talk less and listen more.
Last but not least, don’t just talk about your amazing idea or product, but try to listen very, very carefully and ask a bunch of questions.
Design is about questions. Ask many of them.

Keep it in mind when you talk to somebody.

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