Step-by-step guide: how to create your own theme for Telegram ?🎨🔥

A month ago Telegram Messenger released in their blog a new 1.0 desktop version for all the major OS with beautiful material design, great animations and custom themes. Yay! Now everyone can create their own personalised theme.

It’s not difficult at all and I’m going to show you how to accomplish it without being a programmer. 🚀

Dark or light? Now you can choose :)
💡Tip: update your desktop version to the latest one. Otherwise it won’t work! For iOS and Android there are no customised themes (at least, yet).

Basically, all the themes are just ZIP archives that contain 2 files: a background image and a colour scheme. Here you can find a basic theme that we are going to customise together. Or you can just use a theme that was already created (here are some of them).

For the next step we need a simple text editor: for example, Notepad++ or Atom (I use that one) or just a TextEdit, basically any editor that lets you easily fill a white space with an arbitrary string of words.

💡Also, you might use a ready theme. For that, choose a theme and save it. Next, change the file type to .zip and open it with an archiver. Thereupon,choose a file with a name colors.tdesktop-theme and edit it.

Create a new document (.txt) and copy all the code from the link before.

Okay, we have a file. It should look something like that:

Opened file with a theme in Atom

Now, the following step is going to be the most exciting part (just kidding! 😇)! We need to change all the colours to the colours we want. To make it a bit easier for us, we can choose a ready palette. For example, here and here.

Check this document in order to know which element is responsible for which colour.

💡If you have a colour that you use quite often (for instance, #000000), you can make it as a variable. For that type in the beginning of your document MY_COLOUR: #000000;
and when you want to use this colour, for example for windowBgColor, just type:
windowBgColor: MY_COLOUR;
Using this method you can safe quite a lot of time creating a theme.

After you’re done changing the colours, save this txt file under the name colors.tdesktop-theme.

Okay, the first part is done. Great!👍

For a background picture, find a picture or a photo in a good resolution (.jpeg or .png) and change a title of it to “background.jpg” or “background.png”. If you want to make your background as a texture use “tiled.jpg” or “tiled.png”.

Now we have 2 files: your colors.tdesktop-theme and a backround picture.

We need to create a .zip archive (if you a Windows user, try WinRar for it), for example And the last step — yet very important — you need to change a file type from .zip to .tdesktop-theme in order to use it in Telegram.

After open your Telegram on desktop, send this file to any chat (doesn’t matter to which one) so that you can open it in the messenger.

You can check how your them looks like and apply it.

Besides using this method, you can use a theme generator 🎨:

  1. Telegram theme generator: simple version —— here you just need to pick your main colours: for background, texts, icons etc. And add if you want your own background (.jpeg only). Not the best user interface, but quite easy to use. My advice: first choose colours your would like to use and then start to change them.
  2. Telegram theme maker: complete–’t– here you don’t not only the basics settings, but all the possible combinations (around 300 different parameters, quite a lot, yea? 😅)

Hope it was a useful article for you! Create your own theme, share it with others and me of course — telegram @korotaeva and twitter @siberiancyborg.

My theme looks like that 😜:

I called this theme “paperplane”.

Thanks for reading! ❤ 🤗

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