With such a small group it has been difficult to fill all of the production roles, leading some of us to fill multiple roles. This was something that I had initially thought was a good idea, however as we get further into the production it has become increasingly difficult to juggle multiple tasks at once. I have also spent (possibly wasted) a great deal of time and effort into organising and printing the production bible as not everything was completed by the deadline I gave the group, or even on the day it was due.


I already had some basic understanding of the 1st AD role, however the workshop was good in filling in the gaps of what I hadn’t previously learned and gave a strong overview of what’s expected and how to go about it. I had been 1st AD for the trimester 2 music video, but most of the pre-production work such as scheduling and creating call sheets was taken away from me and done by the producer for whatever reason. Apart from that frustration I quite enjoyed the job on set; being able to keep to a schedule and work with others in getting things done safely and efficiently. I hope I’m able to do it again in the future.


The casting workshop was extremely helpful as it’s not something I have done before. I loved how the characters you spend hours thinking and writing about can come to life in the film through the right actors. To me that would be satisfying and fulfilling. It also made me think about how important it is to give depth to your characters and understand their motivations for their actions and behaviours.


I was excited for the cinematography workshop so that I could get a better understanding of lenses and the camera we are using this trimester. Michael showed us how the use of certain lenses can change the depth of field as well as how different light sources and change in aperture produce a different image and look to the shot. We went through some of the image examples of the look that Jordan was going for and Michael suggested how they would have got that particular look. I got a chance to set up the camera (Canon C100) and change the lenses safely.

I borrowed the camera and tested out some of the lenses at home. The image of the mug was with a 135mm lens and I used it to see how it created a shallow depth of field. I took the camera outside and tried out a few different lenses to see how close I would need to be to the subject. The menu for this camera is different to those of the Sony cameras, however it didn’t take long to figure out how to use it. I would have loved to take it somewhere more exciting and shoot footage but I unfortunately ran out of time.

I have had a chance to get more practice with our test shoots and have become more confident and efficient in setting up the camera. Switching lenses has become more fluid and quicker. These are some photos from our test shoots.

These are the books I have been reading in preparation for my 1st AC role. I have been mainly focusing on lenses, however they are very helpful in learning about cinematography in general.


The production design workshop was helpful as it’s one of the roles I have for this production. It’s been a lot harder than I thought it would have been, mostly because I’m trying to juggle the other roles at the same time. I have been trying to keep the look similar to that I had proposed in my crew pitch. The couch in Alison’s home is white so colour was definitely necessary to give some visual interest to the set. Here are some of the props/set dressings that I have.

The struggles I’ve had thus far have been surrounding getting photos of characters together as none of the actors have been together at the same time. Despite me explaining this impossibility from the beginning I am constantly having to reiterate that we need to go with another option. I think in future it would be important to work problems like this out earlier.


I intend to be more direct with any problems that arise in our group and communicate my concerns.

As we have not had a group meeting since the one in class so I don’t feel like our team is working as efficiently together as we should be. Decisions are being made with whomever is present at the time and other group members are not considered in this which is frustrating and highly disappointing. This usually happens regarding schedules. Entire days have been rescheduled without consultations with the entire group.

For some reason, I have been made responsible for the budget, picking up random items as well as catering for half of the shoot as an extra person had not been organised to help out. Even though it sounds simple enough it has put extra pressure onto my schedule and I’m expected to do a great deal in the small amount of time I have around my day job and acquiring props/organising costumes. I feel like it has unnecessarily impacted on the time I could have spent researching and reading for my 1st AC and production design roles.

We were not greenlit for our production as our permits, actors and location agreements as well as lighting plans were incomplete. I think a lot of this could have been avoided with better planning and earlier initiation of permits/agreements.

I believe that jobs should be more evenly distributed among the group as it seems a little unfair at the moment.

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