Resources For Growing My Illustration Career

After graduation, I would like to focus all of my efforts on my illustration career. I am lucky to have a place that I can “float” for a little while so I feel I might as well take advantage of that opportunity and spend my days and nights focused on developing my illustration portfolio and building up my client list. Plan B would be to get a design job until I can jump into freelance illustration full-time. Whichever path I end up on, I will always be researching, learning, and participating in the illustration industry and here are a few websites, books, groups, and podcasts I will use to help push my illustration career further.

I would like to participate in The Warren drawing nights and attend local (Nashville) shows. This will help build a community and network of artists and potential clients.

I plan to attend conferences or trade shows that are related to my field. I want to attend Surtex and Blueprint as a visitor and work up to participating as an artist or as part of illustration agency.

Every now and then I enjoy art podcasts that keep me informed while I am working. A few of these include Creative Push, Chris Oatley’s ArtCast, and Creative Pep Talk

Colossal is a blog that features many kinds of artists and is good source of inspiration.

Finally, I love buying books from new and old artists for inspiration including James Jean and Alphonse Mucha or books related to art and business including, Art Inc. by Lisa Congdon, I Just Like to Make Things by Lilla Rogers, and the Artist’s and Graphic Designers Market.

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