Travis Foster Reps Apprenticeship Overview

The majority of my summer has been focused on my apprenticeship with Travis Foster Reps. During my time working with Travis I have created many new illustrations, found new artists I like, explored different styles and mediums in my work, and experienced a taste of the business side of a freelance career. I have enjoyed this apprenticeship and would recommend it to anyone interested in becoming a full-time illustrator.

Most days I created an illustration of either my choice or based on another artist. I am always on the lookout for new artists that inspire me and I felt that the artists that Travis chose for me were diverse but also catered to my tastes. Looking at these artists including Lisa Congdon, Julie Hamilton, Chris Delorenzo, and Ilka Meszley and challenging me to create a piece that emulated their style was beneficial because I was exploring distinctly different styles and these experiments will help inform the development of my own style.

In addition to looking at other artists, Travis asked me to write a few articles here on Medium. These writing assignments helped me dissect artists groups and companies and to find out exactly what make them and their artists successful. It brought to light the marketable qualities in the artist’s work, which are qualities I should be considering I my work. When writing about how Travis could grow his cartoon company, I researched and found tips that could help growing my own business as well. Overall, the writing assignments were helpful and relevant.

Some of the business related tasks I was given included gathering quotes from printers for postcards, communicating with Travis similar to the way I would communicate with clients, and managing the Facebook and Instagram page. These were all useful experiences that gave me more confidence in handling things business related. Travis exudes an attitude of wanting to help and I appreciate that he takes time to help interns develop their art and business knowledge.

Working in a consistent and simple style was one of the points that Travis stressed during this apprenticeship. He explained the importance creating a portfolio so that the client knows exactly what they will get from you. He always provided great tips and thorough answers to my questions. I am grateful for my time with Travis Foster Reps because I have gained confidence, knowledge, and a invaluable experience.

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