I Must Lift My Voice… It is My Obligation

This is not a “rant.” I am staying respectfully loud and informative. It is my patriotic obligation. Social media is but one of my mouthpieces.

For my friends who are tired of hearing about these things (like those vetted immigrants unlawfully detained at JFK today) and say those speaking of them should go spend time with their families and the like on this sunny day… know that I will (of course) be doing that later today.

For now, I will share articles on social media from reputable sources like the NYT article linked above. In sharing, I will continue to shed light on the consequences of the vote that many of you cast. Our votes, silence, and voices all have a real impact on real people’s lives. Your (current but possibly temporary) privilege enables your silence.

My “rants” are not rants and are not limited to social media. They are also supported by my feet on the ground and by the dollars I commit to support justice and freedom in this country and in this world. My dollars are being put to work today as the ACLU fights for human rights for the people in this article. I am “praying with my feet” not just my social media posts.

The reality of these real life dramas needs to be shared. It is my obligation as a thoughtful, caring patriot and human to do so.

I’m disappointed in some ways that my little family has less of me now, as a result of my horror and subsequent focus on responding to the world we are confronted with; but, I’m also proud to stand up for what I believe in and what I believe our country stands for. And so, I guess, my family is really getting more of me… and who I am. I hope they will be proud some day… proud that we stand up to injustice.

If you are silent on Facebook… ok, I get it. It’s your space. But then I hope you are not silent and complicit in “real” life. I hope that, as you spend time with your family, you recognize there are real people living in fear and possibly separated from their family members as a result of your vote (or another’s vote). You have an opportunity to stand up now regardless of that vote… what do you choose? Which side of history will you be on? I wish I could just share pretty pictures and yoga postures, pictures of our kids and our dog but that freedom to look away is gone. I will still actively share all that I love but I will also stay lit up about all that is wrong and I will do it on your behalf so I can help to fill up the vacuum of your silence.

May justice and light prevail.