The Renaissance

If I had a time machine, I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to travel to the period of the Renaissance. Would I like to spend the whole life there? Definitely not. I believe that if you are born in this historical period (not any other one), it is not without a reason; therefore, I’m happy to be a person of the 21 century- the era of technology and information, the era when scientific progress would soon make time traveling possible, after all.

Though I’m satisfied with the time I was born in, I wouldn’t mind going to the Renaissance out of curiosity as a tourist so that I can plunge into the culture and experience myself what it feels to be a ‘Renaissance man’.

Having found myself in the Renaissance, I would do all my best to find my ancestors ( hopefully, I’d find some in Italy). If they were hospitable enough, they would let me stay for a week or so in their house. It’s likely that very soon my ‘nearest and dearest’ would be sick and tired of my endless questions about their customs and everyday life — it would be high time for me to leave my ancestors’ place.

What would I do next? Too early to go back to the 21 century, right? So.. why not join some expedition? I would pretend to be a skilled sailor and, hopefully, the captain’s heart would melt. The best thing about the expedition would be watching my colleagues’ astonishment at seeing sunflowers, tomatoes, cocoa beans, parrots and guinea-pigs for the first time in their life. I would be smiling at this picture ( it would be a good kind of a smile, though) and at the same time I would secretly wish my memory to be erased; because it’s DEVILISHLY GOOD to feel/see/experience something for the first time!

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