One of Russia’s distinctive features which should be understood first of all is its immensity. It seems to us that Moscow is situated far from Western Europe though in fact it’s quite close to the western border of Russia. Geographically speaking, Novosibirsk seems to be the center of the country especially since Syberia occupies almost all the Eastern territory of Russia. Everything is large-scale in Russia: geography, history, passions, emotions, tragedies. Similarly, this immensity is at the core of Russian understanding of God which emphasizes His greatness and awe that He engenders. No other understanding of God would have found a resonance in such a big- scale country…The same thing is about emotions: they all tend to be tremendous. People, brought up within far more reserved western culture, find Dostoevsky’s characters monstrous, nonsensical quizzes although the writer himself reckoned that they were true- to- life. Few people who have lived in Russia would argue that.

Russia’s pride is its century- long history. The country was christianized long before America was discovered that’s why messianic pretentions clearly show through its self-feeling. They were mostly noticeable during the Marxism epoch when Russia, convinced at its ethnical uniqueness, brought absolute truth to the world. However, these pretentions have a long history and its beginning is in a famous prophecy which says that Moscow has become the successor of a heavenly mission which had belonged to Rome first and, then, to the Byzantine Empire: “Two Romes have fallen, a third stands, and a fourth there will not be”. Therefore, a man who came to Russia for the first time would be wise if he/ she consciously cultivated sincere respect for this country.

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