I have a favor to ask of you, as well.
Sifu Mode

Sorry, but no. I’ve had no such upbringing nor “cultural perceptions” embedded into my psyche. I’m in an interracial marriage, majored in the dramatic arts/theater, minored in psychology at Harvard University, live in a great neighborhood, and live a nice upper-middle class life . Somehow, none of that seemed to matter as I was being beaten up by racist cops (compliant, cuffed, at 5ft, 100lbs) for having gone into the police station to fill out a police report for a theft not realizing that I had forgotten about an old u-turn ticket from seven years prior when I lived out of the state for a while. I got permanently injured and called a bunch of pleasant names in the process as well — names which pretty much gave me all the information that I needed to know why they were treating me as though I’d just shot someone whilst high on meth. It never occurred to me in my wildest dreams that this would happen to me. Being constantly profiled/pulled over on the road slid off my back a lot more since I was rarely ever ticketed (pretty much because I had done nothing to cause the pull-over in the first place, and they just wanted to run my license to check for an easy arrest for warrants, because well, ….driving while Black in a very nice car). I can see that you’ve put a lot of thought into this theory of yours, and the best thing I can do to help you in your quest for understanding is to tell you that we in no way have to be suffering a misguided cultural perception in order to be profiled and bigoted against. AT ALL. I literally print modeled my way through school and speak the queens English; meaning, I even generally still get treated better than some other Black women that may happen in some cases to appear to be a bit rougher around the edges — and I STILL suffer a ridiculous amount of racism from many directions when it’s the LAST thing on my mind and the last thing I’m expecting. Believe it or not, I generally forget that I’m Black in the sense that I take for granted common decency, politeness, and fair treatment from all persons that I extend those things to; and then I get reminded that that’s just not the way things go sometimes and honestly, I am still mildly shocked every time BECAUSE I forget that my skin causes a reaction in so many. So the question that you were trying to ask, is a big no. It’s not even close to just being some perception on our part that causes us to be treated poorly. Sometimes, no amount of smiling, manners, intelligence, positivity, education, upbringing, congeniality, compliance, etc. can spare you from being called a n****r and then treated the way they think one should be treated. I’ve lived in 3 countries — trust me. We have a problem here coming directly from our history and White America is greatly culpable.

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