Writing Leads #2

Curriculum Changes

Who: David French

What: changes in requirements for graduation

Where: Liberty University

When: fall 2016

Why: only 15 percent of students took a foreign language and 20 percent took math in university

How: by making one math, computer science, and foreign language course a requirement

Lead: Due to recent studies showing the extremely low enrollment rates in foreign language and math courses,the president of Liberty University announced mandatory math, computer science, and language courses as graduation requirements for the fall 2016 semester.


Who: Cathy Bensen

What: arrested

When: last night

Why: for DUI for third time in six months

Lead: Vanderbilt senior and 22-year-old daughter of local prominent attorney was arrested February 23 for driving under the influence for the third time in 6 months.


Who: group of angry citizens

What: objecting to biology class teaching evolution

Where: Liberty University

Why: they believe teaching evolution is against the Christian principles of the country

How: organizing protests at state capital

Lead: A group of citizens led by Pastor Wilbur Straking, infuriated at a Liberty University biology class’ teaching evolution, have organized a protest at the state capital next Monday.


Who: Ellie Maston

What: filed charges against Amburn’s Produce Market

When: today

Where: Circuit Court

Why: she fell and broke a hip after someone left green beans on the floor

Lead: Negligence charges, including damages for $100,000, were filed February 24 against Amburn’s Produce Market after a local slipped on some stray green beans, breaking a hip and incurring other substantial bodily and mental injuries.

Agreement Announced

Who: Ambrose Steel Company and United Steelworkers Local 923
 What: reached collective bargaining agreement

Why: to keep 457 steelworks and keep production moving

How: coming to compromise and scheduling joint meeting

Lead: The Ambrose Steel Company and the local steelworkers union have averted a strike and come to a compromise that will improve wages while maintaining 457 steelworks and continuing with production as planned.

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