Inside Her, There is a Fire

Inside her, there is a fire,

It flames with passion, anger, and confusion.

She knows her purpose and responsibilities.

She has dreams and aspirations.

But the fire inside her keeps growing.

It grows too strong, too powerful, too large.

It suffocates her and robs her of her human potential.

She questions her ability to reach her purpose.

She tries to rise above but the flames are too high.

She wants to save herself but feels selfish.

She is fighting her own fire but is concerned because the world around her is suffering from a more massive, more threatening fire.

She looks inside of herself,

And sees flames of orange and yellow.

She looks outside of herself; to the world around her,

And sees flames of orange and yellow,

She sees smoke clouds,

Dying plants,

Dying animals,

Dying humans,

All she sees is suffering.

She realizes the fire around her is more disruptive than the one she carries inside.

She feels guilty,

And fully responsible for the world’s fire.

She carries the sadness of the world inside herself,

The hunger,

The torture,

The discrimination,

The deaths.

She feels unsatisfied.

She wonders why she cares.

She questions if her impact is truly significant,

She wonders if her willingness to save the world matters.

Because she knows that at the end of it all,

We all go to the same place,

We decompose into the ground and become one with earth.

Yet becoming one with Earth, one with the universe, a part of everyone and everything, was what she aspired to do all along.

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