How to stand out in a crowded market space.


Quit focusing on the fact that there are so many of you out there. And focus on the fact that there are more people educating your market.

Less work for you to do anyway!

I remember running webinars with zero people. I would host Google hangouts and talk to my SELF!

When I ran programmes I would give them away free, bring a friend, anything just to stop having crickets. But mostly for selfish reasons to get used to new technology, ideas and concepts.

So how do you refocus so you can stand out?

Simply by being you.

You are the USP of your business.

Yes you ARE full of clichés and by being clever and trying to disguise them in new ways you only confuse your audience. So Feel The Fear (haha did you see what I did there!) anyway and say it like it is…In your way. Just how you would if you were speaking in person…

If you show up as YOU in your business, you don’t have to pretend or switch anything on…You are just this BEING all the time.

Cool huh?

I know, I know you want to know how…
Here are my top tips for standing out in a crowded market:

  1. Dominate… Make a decision to be the last man standing. Now this may rattle you a bit. But if you are 100% committed to what you do and making your business work you WILL become the go-to-expert. Purely using momentum from showing up every day. Now I have harped on about this for ages…JFDI!
  2. Repeat… So once you decide you are going to conquer…Get crystal clear on what you stand for…then repeat. Get known for what you stand for. I bet you $50 dollars that you if you got 100 of my followers in a room they would ALL say the same repeating messages I stand for…Why? Because I am unapologetic about them and I tell you every day and repeat them.
  3. Using your own street talk …Yeah I know I am trying to be one of those old people trying to be cool! But I just want to interrupt your brain programming and deliver it to you differently. Because I want you to fully understand that using your own voice is like the new oxygen! I know you have heard this before but are you doing it. Or are you sometimes doing it? Have you committed to writing, talking and doing video in your own voice, with your own colloquial words? Become that bumper sticker girlfriend!
  4. Go WAY above and beyond… What can you start doing that NO one else does in your industry?? BIG question. Here is what I do, that NO one else does. I give ALL of my clients the opportunity to show up in a private space and be held accountable e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y. You have access to ME. And I tell you the truth about what is stopping you or what you need to hear at that time. Then of course I FULLY support you. Enough about me…What can you start doing? And don’t email me about needing to go into flow, or over delivering is causing burn out…This isn’t the point. The point is what CAN you bring to the table….
  5. Stop giving a FU*k! about the competition… Do me a favour and stop following them. Literally stop looking at their pages, unsubscribe from their stuff and literally turn them off. Use all the energy back onto your work. The more you focus on them the MORE you will start sounding and looking like them…O…M…G…Yes your worst nightmare actually coming true….Do me a favour!

I could have fluffed these up a bit…Perhaps pretended and danced around the dominate bit…But I know that some of you shakers and movers are here to do incredible things…And that needs a bit of OMPH!

If you want to stand out then let me help you negotiate the field of tall poppies…So you can plant yourself and grow too! Click here to book a time

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