Plan like a rockstar not a geek!

Plan. Planning….Yawn.

Scroll on.

Wait right there you creative-helicopter-revolutionary-here for more hipster ‘preneur….Yeah you. You need to hear this!​

I love how you come up with wicked content, impressive programmes, you get raved about, you run groups you freakin’ love what you do…But all this dang effort is for (let’s be honest) not much money in your biz. Plus you keep jumping around like a flea!

Don’t get me wrong I love being a rebel and creating a business from my intuition. Not being a cookie cutter solopreneur BUT if there is one thing I have learnt…Having a plan keeps your toes to the fire. Stops you from pulling your offers off the table to quickly.
Let me explain.

A business is like planting a garden. You need to plan out in seasons. To map out if you plant the runner beans over there they will impact the tomatoes over here. If you don’t space the lettuces far enough about you have a mixed salad LOL! Anyway you get the picture. It’s often all about timing, not over doing the soil. Because hell you gotta water this baby too…Everyday. With rich nutrients, clean crystal clear water and patience. And that is what a plan does for a business.

Bear with me here. I am talking about a flexi plan that allows for expansion, creativity and the best thing is...You get to create it yourself. Not some strategist who has forgotten what it’s like in the engine room. Hot…Sweaty…! You are the strategist. You know what kind of business you want. You know what you think is awesome. You know…You have been learning for so long now that it time to stop being contrary Mary!

Here are my top tips for planning in your business:

  1. Planning is meant to be simple. When you stick to looking at planning with a birds eye view you will stay out of the how, what ifs and the detail.

2. Plan from your soul not your ego (or from your friends fear of failure). Plan with what you want to achieve.

3. Stick to only 5–6 key objectives for the year. (12 Newsletters, 52 blogs, Grow database by 1,000)

4. Take these bad boys and break them into quarterly goals.

5. From here you can start to plan you months in advance (1 newsletter, 4 blogs, create new program etc)

Then its super easy to see what you need to get done each week…each day. Boom we have action! #JFDI

You want to plan…But first you need to align.

Align with your intuitive message, that begins from your core values. Build a plan that you want to breathe life into. That you want to tell everybody about. That is easy for you to implement, change and manifest.

Let’s do this! If you would love to Plan Like A Punk and have a rocking 2017…

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