Letter #1 From one of my post-its on the desktop


I wanted to be in a relationship, so I invented one. Just like that.

Facebook status change and everybody thought I was lovable.

I, on the other hand, haven’t been more convinced of the opposite.

Jenna said “Take care” to Matty and I felt my ribcage crushing, how tragic it was! (‘Akward’ TV series)

I didn’t even have anyone to say “Take care” to. I wasn’t completely invisible, but I felt unlovable.

Where is the happy bunny with all those breathtaking dreams?

Though who am I kidding? I was never much of a happy person. I got my juju (or is it mojo?) from misery and pain.

And to add to that I didn’t really have any friends. There were people, girls to hang out with — sure, but it was more of an artificial scene with faces directed at your clothes, not soul.