Would you take away my hopes and dreams and just stay with me?

My heart sinking in my cappuccino ♥

‘Cause you are the only one

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He asked me why I liked him. After all the sweet things he told me, I was scared. Been there, done that kinda thing. Deja vu. But the little stupid idiotic voice in my head keeps repeating “He’s different”. Looking at the bigger picture, they are all different. Each and every human on Earth is different from the other. I didn’t want to be sweet (again and again and AGAIN). These kinda things backfire in the end.

On the other hand, if it will, it will. If not, we’re just gonna be happy? Or INCREDIBLY happy? =)

To hell with it all.

Here it goes.

My hearts =)

I like him cause he sang “One” for me, among other songs.

I like him cause he says things and they are very sweet things.

His timing is perfect.

I like him cause he makes me smile even if we’re not texting at the moment.

I like him cause he wanted to send me smth first (before I sent him my fav. book)

I like him cause he’s my hope.

I like him cause he makes me feel happy and appreciated.

I like how he texts even if I’m asleep already or my wi-fi’s dead.

I like his cute face and those puppy eyes.

I’m craving his touch. I want to see him smile because of me

I like how he influences me, he doesn’t make me wanna be someone else, he makes me wanna be even more myself with him and stop pretending.

I love his awkward accent

I like when he speaks German

The pterodactyls in my stomach fly like crazy, making me almost dizzy when he texts “love”.

I like how “ordinary” he seems, but how EXTRAORDINARY he makes me feel.

I don’t believe in ORDINARY though. We all have something within us. All of us. People of the planet.

I like how easy and open he is, how he can just follow me. Like with the “Picture of the Day” thing we had, or with the “Week of embarassment” (singing to each other every day).

He’s that one person I could talk to forever. I can’t wait for his texts. I’m dying to experience the electricity between our fingers when he holds my hand.

(That’s when it will all start or end.)

That’s what I’m afraid of. I can survive anything. With all that happened. I can be there for myself and take care of myself, but I want NOT TO.

NOT TO have to do that. I like him so much that I’m afraid, it’s all in our heads and in the kilometers between us.

But untill the “drama” I anticipate so fiercely will occur, I hope I can just let go and be happy with my adorable Pooh =) ♥ LOL
Taken in Trautenfels in Austria,
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