What Happens When We Ask Life For Peace

Natalie Chua ❤

Often, it seems that life is not fair and never gives us what we want. Even though life may not be able to fulfill our immediate desires and be in perfect alignment with our personal preferences, I know without a shadow of a doubt that life will always bring us what we need.

When we ask life for inner peace, life will inevitably wreck up a storm within and out so that we can know what peace truly feels like in an embodied way.

When we ask life for abundance, life will give us opportunities to learn how to be content with what we have with a grateful heart in every moment.

When we ask life for happiness, life will show us what unhappiness feels like at our core so that when we do encounter the true source of joy we know it in it’s fullness.

When we ask life for authentic friendships, life will give us opportunities to become familiar with conflict, betrayal, loss, and laughter so we can come to know what a heart-felt connection with another feels like.

When we ask life for Love, life will help us overcome the belief that another person can fulfill us completely or safe us from ourselves. Life will bring us disappointments, activate our pain and break our heart’s open so that we may come to love ourselves deeply and relate to ourselves with lesser self-judgement and a higher capacity for self-acceptance and compassion.

When we ask life for success, life will teach us how to be humble through our mistakes and failures.

So you see, perhaps it is all a matter of perception. Embedded within every struggle is the wisdom of the heart and the resilience of the human spirit awaiting to unfold. If we can deeply sense into the richness of each moment and look through the guise of discomfort, each moment becomes a potential portal for growth, healing, change, and intimacy.

Even the rolling stones knew:

“You can’t always get what you want
But if you try sometimes you might find
You get what you need”



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