Bank Error NOT In Your Favor! Another Reason To Balance Your Checkbook, CHOs!

I just sat down with a glass of wine to balance my checking account. Happening Saturday night!

Before you dismiss balancing your checkbook as a useless chore in this era of online banking, let me just stop you right there, Buckaroo! Because this month I found a bank error for $93.92 that no one but me was going to catch. And I don’t feel like losing $93.92 for no reason, do you?

I was going through the checks that I had in my account log and reconciling them with the checks listed on my statement when I noticed two charges for Check 803: one for $99.79, which is the proper amount, and another in $93.92, which is not. So I checked out the scanned image online. And…What the balls is this!?!?

I called the bank and it turns out that this was a scanning error! The scanner took a picture of my check with someone else’s behind it and the bank charged me for both.

Homey don’t play that! I’ll take that money back please!

See! This is why we can’t totally rely on online banking. I have balanced my checkbook every month without fail since I was 15 years old and in my experience, these kinds of errors happen about 1–2 times per year. Most of them are things that only a human would catch like this one. This is why we’ve got to do our own due diligence people!

I’ll write a post about how I balance my accounts with homemade spreadsheets another time. But for now, it’s Saturday night, I’ve got a cabernet, and this statement isn’t going to reconcile itself!

I live for this shit!

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