Working For My Highest And Best Purpose

My weekly web show Code Forward will no longer be in weekly production. MSNBC has ceased studio production of Shift by MSNBC and has asked hosts to contribute field and original reporting to the network.

I am a little disappointed. I loved sitting in the anchor desk at MSNBC, a network I respect. I loved taking the train into Manhattan looking like raw poultry and taking the train back in full hair and makeup done by amazing professionals. After four years of freelancing, I was exceedingly grateful for a regular gig.

But here is what my kids said when I told them that Mommy no longer has to go to work on Tuesday mornings:


That was it. One sincere and concise syllable. My kids don’t care if I’m on TV. They are utterly unimpressed with my career. It was a lovely reminder that I am still important to these two (soon-to-be three) tiny people. And that felt good.

In TV, there is always another opportunity. This one will inevitably evolve but this moment with my children, coupled with this brave blog post by my friend Veronica Belmont, has prompted me to do some soul searching. Here is the fruit of that soul searching.

If I am 100% honest with myself, I know that my work at the network, while a huge privilege, is not my way to change the world for the better. I’m an on-air contributor. I lend my expertise and opinion to already-developing stories. Even if I am smart and witty and poignant on the boob tube, it only really helps me and my brand. It does not help others or change the world. And while it can be exciting and I am so grateful for the career I have built, I do really want to pursue my highest and best purpose in this lifetime.

I started this blog to share what I have learned about personal finance, and building and realizing shared family goals. I believe I can empower, teach, and inspire. Maybe it sounds self-inflating to think that my silly little blog can be a higher and better purpose than a major news network but what if working only as a small fish in a big TV network pond is myopic? What if I can better serve with my own projects? And what if the canceling of my show was the universe’s way of pushing me out of the nest to fly?

I have no big conclusion to draw. I just wanted to share this in case you have become so accustomed to watching Code Forward and are wondering where it went. It was an honor to get to do it for five months but I must use that inspiration for things that are bigger than my own shellacked face on television. And that is just what I intend to do!

If you are reading this, I hope I can serve you in your pursuit of your highest and best purpose too. Please let me know how because if I can inspire you to learn, grow, and thrive, then I’ll have the same sincere reaction as my children: Yay!

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