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  • Visualizing data can be a major challenge due to the sheer volume and complexity of the information.
  • Tableau Public, Microsoft Power BI, Google Data Studio, Openheatmap, DataWrapper, and Leaflet are considered the…

What Does “CRM Software” Mean?

For a start, sales is a lot more than just clinching the deal. Commonly, it’s about developing a relationship not only for oneself but for the whole company.

It entails not only piling up info about a lead but also keeping it up and further serving it up in a…


These days marketing is driven by technology. A vivid example of this is marketing automation that shapes the modern-day marketing world. The good news is that marketing automation expands the capabilities of promotion with the development of multichannel messaging that enhances the traditional email marketing campaign. …

Nataliya Otair

Freelance B2B and Technical Writer, owner of http://contentpersona.com

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