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  • Data Visualization has emerged as one of the most critical tools for both simple and complex corporate structures.
  • Visualizing data can be a major challenge due to the sheer volume and complexity of the information.
  • Tableau Public, Microsoft Power BI, Google Data Studio, Openheatmap, DataWrapper, and Leaflet are considered the leading Data Visualization and analytics tools currently available, with excellent mobile capabilities.
  • Power BI can take your reporting to the next level. You can review your most critical data at first sight.
  • Google Data Studio gives users the option to work with multiple views of data.
  • With Openheatmap, you can…

What Does “CRM Software” Mean?

For a start, sales is a lot more than just clinching the deal. Commonly, it’s about developing a relationship not only for oneself but for the whole company.

It entails not only piling up info about a lead but also keeping it up and further serving it up in a manner that is easy to digest right when the time comes. This is the role of CRM (aka “customer relationship management”) software — to give this crucial insight.

Oftentimes, small and medium enterprises try to reproduce the functional capacities of CRM with merely a broad and ever-expanding spreadsheet.

Yet, CRM…

Nowadays, there are many different ways in which you can reach out to businesses. You can reach a business via Facebook or you can do it via Instagram. What’s more, you can run advertising campaigns or engage in link outreach. BUT!!! As of now, cold emails and cold calling, the two forms of cold marketing, retain the status of the most effective telemarketing methods you can use to boost your sales.

If you are a seller who is searching for the ways to get more leads for your company, you have probably come across a whole bunch of Internet articles…

One of the few ways not to get too troubled by today’s COVID-19-related events and prepare for happier times is to study the digital marketing trends for 2020. Just as one-fourth of 2020 has melted away, we can see that the changing digital marketing landscape keeps the ball rolling with true grit and zip. What is also clear as a bell is that the most stunning trends in this realm this year are about building up the connections among people rather than laying product sales as a priority. Marketing Automation is badly needed.

In this article, we are going to…

5 Ways of Evolving Marketing Automation…and Why You Need to Get on Board!

Hope you have read my previous blog post on marketing automation trends. This analytical blog post discussing B2B Marketing trends will hopefully be useful, too. So, let’s continue our journey!

With B2B marketing automation trends, we have to understand where we are going. Previous blog post vividly showed where marketing automation was and where it is heading now. We have traced the ways marketing automation has been evolving towards 2020 and analyzed what is happening in marketing these days.

In brief, the first point discussed in my…


These days marketing is driven by technology. A vivid example of this is marketing automation that shapes the modern-day marketing world. The good news is that marketing automation expands the capabilities of promotion with the development of multichannel messaging that enhances the traditional email marketing campaign. What’s more, a personalized approach is growing in popularity in the industry where customers can enjoy personalized real-time messaging, and this is just one of many capabilities of digital marketing.

Further, the steady growth of AI and Machine Learning automation changed the very nature of marketing automation, making it more complicated and sophisticated. Automation…

To improve businesses, you must have to take help from the best marketing automation platforms. In this modern age, you cannot avoid it anyhow. That’s why we who do businesses should know the best marketing platforms and adjust with it gradually.

What Is a Marketing Automation Platform?

With more than 60% of marketing leaders now using at least one marketing automation platform in their toolkit, 2020 is shaping up to be a great year in product innovation and market penetration for these types of products. …

SaaS companies meet serious challenges once they start choosing an optimal content marketing strategy. Even though keeping back customers remain critical across all industries, SaaS relies on the repeated revenues from active users. For this very reason, the customer’s journey somewhat differs from others, and a bigger emphasis is placed on active users’ conversion into passionate advocates of the brand. B2B content marketing plays an important role here as well.

In this blog post, I’m going to cover the four steps tips you need to take to create marketing content for SaaS brands and explain how to boost the value…

The software industry is rapidly expanding, and technological advancements have also changed the marketing landscape. As a result, there are plenty of marketing automation tools out there and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the options. So SaaS Marketing Automation Tools are so much important for every company.

Until now, I have tried a lot of software tools for marketing automation. Some of them sucked while others were too expensive and should be overlapped. Yet a few of these tools proved to be very useful and, I would say, critical for meeting my business needs.

So, if you face the…

Many believe it to be a tumultuous ride and exciting path, others are definitely scared by its explosive properties. It sounds like a real challenge for some. Boosh! Bam! Boom! You need not be afraid though. The explosion is the start of a new way of marketing, which can operate well in this absolutely disruptive digital world. As the ever-shifting points of contact with target audiences across various channels overwhelm our reality, it seems no use keeping wrestling with the uneven and fluid social media landscape. Instead, the fragmentation of the digital milieu calls for new normal for marketing.

Change is Our New Reality


Nataliya Otair

Freelance B2B and Technical Writer, owner of http://contentpersona.com

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