Periscope: Griffith Observatory

Yesterday was my first time using Periscope. For this social media adventure I decided to head to the Griffith Observatory, which is one of my favorite places in Los Angeles. The Griffith Observatory is a space lover’s paradise that was established in 1935. As explained in my Periscope broadcast it is a planetarium with beautiful views of Los Angeles, including the famous Hollywood Sign.

During my broadcast I took viewers on a virtual tour of the Griffith Observatory beginning with the outside providing views of LA then proceeding to go inside and ending up outside in the front. It was sort of like a 360-degree tour. Along the way I encountered a couple on vacation who allowed me to interview them. Personally, I liked using Periscope it was definitely a good experience, because it really puts aspiring journalists in a position to broadcast and learn how to adlib. For me I had fun talking to the camera and experiencing what real journalists experience on a daily basis. I did have one problem and that was with audio. Since, there were a lot of tourists and background noise I had to really project my voice. In the future having a mic would be better for good and clear audio.

When it comes to telling stories I think Periscope is best used for feature and breaking news stories as it allows the broadcaster to update live. A good Periscope story would be to keep a travel diary. Broadcasting live at events is causing some concern, especially at concert venues and sporting events. However, distributing a Periscope is not the same as a perfectly edited video piece, because the quality is not always good. I just think social media requires organizations to be more creative when developing marketing or advertising pieces. As for me, I would use Periscope again, especially when doing stories or traveling.

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