5 TRENDS for entrepreneur in 2015 by Jean- Christophe Bonis

Photo by Natalya Poluyanova, June 2015

Adventurer, nomad, tireless traveler, blogger passionate about innovation and branding, speaker, PhD candidate and entrepreneur in AI. The qualifiers are numerous about Jean-Christophe.

Analyst focused on new technologies for more than 15 years on behalf of investment funds and as a consultant, he devoted his professional life to the analysis of the impact of new technologies on consumer behavior and strategic implications for organizations. He advises several structures in France and abroad, and also gives many lectures on the subject. He is now Head of Strategy and Research for Oxymore Inc. in London. This company engaged in strategic research in the field of innovation, consumer behaviour , branding the products of big foreign companies and has contracts with Apple, Microsoft, Google, Lego.

exeStation team have already met Jean-Christophe in Moscow last month and asked about trends for entrepreneurs. Share with you:

1 Technologies, innovations. Need to know where is technology going. Very high level.

2 Marketing. Entrepreneur needs to be access on the market and focused on the market.

3 User experience. A lot of things…It is going faster and faster. When you are developing your products and service you need not be focused on technologic part, but on the needs of users, consumers. They have problems and you find solutions for them.

4 Need to be good in communications. Have to pitch fast, 3–5 minutes pitch. Structure the points.

5 Business-model. It’s great to have an idea but make money of it is also important. Short, medium or long term and you should know how it can link the idea with incomes.

There a lot of books on web, instruments, platforms like Coursera. There are so many tools. If you are searching for learning language, use application for LinguaLeo. I’m learning Russian by the Leo. They need to read a lot of blogs. Techcrunch is a good one. You should get the insights, feeling to understand where the market is going. Try to speak with people because being close to people helps to understand what they need.

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