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Media monitoring is tracking what people say about your company, your competitors, your industry, or any other topic you consider important. And it has been known for ages in the form of salon talks, reading a newspaper each morning, or asking an assistant to collect and present the review of the latest news.

Technological advancement made the amount of information and media sources explode exponentially driving good old days media monitoring irrelevant. At the same time, it introduced new media monitoring tools that redefined the notion of media mentions tracking. …

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We are fast approaching the world of smart homes, driverless cars, and connected devices. Experts predict that over 80% of all emerging technologies will use AI in their work, and there is no doubt that intelligent apps will be an integral part of this world too.

In fact, they already are.

Keep reading to dig into smart applications and see some excellent examples of intelligent apps readily available for download.

What are Intelligent Apps?

Intelligent applications use historical and real-time data to make the user experience more relevant, personalized, and adaptive.

Trending AI Articles:

1. AI for CFD: Intro (part 1)

2.Using Artificial Intelligence to detect COVID-19

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Running a small and medium business is not as easy as it seams. In fact, owners need to run all the same processes, but with fewer people and resources on board. Business automation provides an excellent way to streamline processes for SMEs and, given the ever-increasing competition, seems indispensable for keeping a small enterprise afloat.

Consider the vital benefits of business automation and get a good idea of 5 things your SME should automate.

Why is it Vital for SMEs to Leverage Automation?

The use of automation technologies lowers operational costs, reduces delays and errors, improves employee engagement, and boosts customer satisfaction. Looks too good to be true? …

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Sustainability has definitely been in the spotlight in recent years, making many people change their everyday practices and even compel businesses to do so.

Like millions of others, you might have turned off the tap while brushing your teeth today in the morning and left your LED bulbs lit house to bike to work instead of driving.

And still, you are sure to have engaged in something, which is highly unsustainable but has been largely escaping the sustainability discourse so far — the use of the internet and cloud storage.

If you or your SME is on the way of

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A sustainability report is the one where a company or an organization discloses its social, environmental, and governance performance.

Just for the matter of clarity, sustainability reporting can be considered synonymous with other terms united by the idea of reporting non-financial performance metrics such as triple bottom line reporting, ESG reporting, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting, or form part of an integrated reporting that consolidates the analysis of financial and non-financial performance.

Companies of all sizes and sectors are encouraged to produce such reports to become aware of their own impact and let investors and other stakeholders make the…

When SkillsFuture Singapore approached us with the idea of developing an app to educate the smallest kids about the job market and let them recognize their strengths and passions, it sounded like a real challenge. It was not that we lacked experience in mobile app development or capacity to carry out the project for the government. It was about developing an app for kids.

Why is it difficult?

First, kids’ time on mobile devices is limited and not encouraged. Thus, if you develop an app for preschoolers, it is vital to make it meaningful and engaging.

Second, the idea of…

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Marketing is a complex process that consists of various strategies and efforts, all directed at leading customers through the sales funnel.

Before users make a purchase, they may have multiple touches with your brand: they may read relevant content on your website, read your marketing emails, engage with your brand on social media, watch your ads, attend your event, and contact with your sales team. Lead attribution helps to know which of these marketing elements affected the ultimate purchase decision most.

What is Lead Attribution

Basically, lead attribution means that you attribute your lead or customer to a particular marketing channel or event (for…

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Having used to speaking about breakthrough technologies and powerful trends that transform doing businesses worldwide, we would never have assumed we would speak about a pandemic as a key driver of such transformation.

Now, when Coronavirus is daily multiplying the number of the affected companies and families, and the IMF has officially declared having entered a recession — “as bad or worse than in 2009”, the big “Now what?” question is chasing millions of entrepreneurs.

While the question is paralyzing to many, the answer to it is clear.

Stay calm and take action.

This our post is not to spread…

While it is common to discuss the relevance of mobile apps for and customer engagement, they are also excellent tools for improving employee experience ( EX) — the way people think and feel about the company they work for.

Given the hectic competition in the market, the development of an enterprise app that would foster employee experience is definitely a bright business idea, as EX is strongly associated with:

As a highly innovative company, recognized a great opportunity in the idea and partnered with to develop a unique gamified enterprise application for training its floor salesmen.

Keep reading to find…

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Each year, SEO professionals take a look ahead to predict the top SEO trends and get ready to hack SEO in the year to come.

What are the major changes affecting SEO in 2020?

What does it take in 2020 to reach the shiny first place on a SERP?

These are the questions we asked ourselves. Keep reading if you are interested in getting the answers too.

SEO 2020: Some Old News

Some SEO tips are definitely old news today. But let us quickly remind them for those who landed from the moon directly into the 2020 SEO.

Fix technical issues

SEO optimization starts with updating broken links…

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