If any of these statements sound familiar, you might have an internal communications problem:

  • “I can’t believe they’re saying they didn’t know about that. It was all on the company wiki!”
  • “But we told them about this on at least three separate occasions. How can they claim they didn’t know about it?”
  • “This was covered in that email message that she sent three months ago. That team doesn’t seem to be very on top of things.”

In every one of these examples, you could have done more to improve communications.

Let’s talk about how to fix that.

Change your core assumptions

Here are the…

“There’s no award for being the richest woman in the graveyard.” I was a couple hours away from hopping on a plane to London for a work trip, and the judgment of me was clear.

Prior to making that comment, he had been asking me why I was working so hard, why I hadn’t taken a longer maternity leave, and about how important it is for mothers to stay home with their kids. Meanwhile at the same dinner party with friends, no one blinked, let alone balked, at my husband’s discussion of his upcoming work trips.

This comment reflected something…

International expansion used to be a project only the biggest companies took on. Today, not so much. In an online world, your business is technically “international” the moment your first user from outside your home country makes a payment.

However, being international isn’t quite the same as being a global-first company.

From the outside looking in, HubSpot is as global as it gets. We have customers in more than 90 countries, and our software is available in 6 languages. We have offices outside our home country in Dublin, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, and later this year, Berlin. We’re proud of that…

Nataly Kelly

VP International Operations and Strategy @ HubSpot

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