It is no wonder that getting feedback on Overflow Share links has been the #1 requested feature. Overflow has revolutionized the way you build, present and share user flow diagrams and has quickly become an effective, highly-engaging medium for communicating with stakeholders. “Overflow comments” is the first milestone 😉 towards enabling collaboration and streamlining your workflow even more. Here is what changed in Overflow 1.3.

In this release, we are introducing the “Embed Presentation” feature and improvements on the Share link that will bring power and speed to your workflow. Let’s have a look at the brand new features and improvements in the latest update.

Embed Presentation

Among the highly requested features, was the ability to embed an Overflow Share link. Many of us use Overflow’s share links as a single source of truth to communicate our designs and user journeys. And since embedded presentations are updated every time you update a share link, you are always sure that you are sharing the latest version no matter…

Overflow 0.8.0 is here! Internally we referred to it as just “Dark Mode” because that was all we planned to launch during this cycle. Well…, we got a bit carried away and did a bit more than that. Read on to find out what we’ve been up to.

Dark Mode

The release of macOS Mojave, was obviously what inspired us to create a dark mode for Overflow. However, we soon realized that this feature would be welcomed by all our users, irrespective of what mode they’d chose to set their macOS at. So although Overflow will change from dark to light mode…

Introducing Hotspots and much more

Overflow 0.6.4 is hot out of the oven and it’s one of our biggest releases yet. Not only we are introducing Hotspots but also a ton of other new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Here’s an overview of the brand new features in the latest update:

  • Hotspots, a new way to connect your Screens. You can now add Hotspots anywhere on your Screens to assist in building your user flows.
  • Set the Start Point. Now, start from the Screen of your choice in your presentation and prototype, just by setting the Start Point in the Editor.
  • Replace Screen/Image source. No…

Get your Figma designs ready, because the Figma integration is in the house! We’ve been getting tons of requests since we launched Overflow, and today we’re very excited to announce that you can sync your Figma designs with Overflow.

Brand New

  • Figma integration: Start by signing in with your Figma account and then copying the link to your Figma file. You can then filter & select which Frames you would like to bring in to your Overflow document. A handy guide is available, here.

Bug Fixes

  • Apparently, if you tried to Export to PNG from your secondary display, the image…

Label dragging, custom screen sizes and more.

We’ve been hard at work over the past few weeks to release Overflow 0.2.6! We’ve added some neat new features you’ll love, like label dragging, custom screen sizes, and a revamped Overflow Sketch plugin.

A major focus of this release has been on stability and bug fixes for known issues that were occurring quite frequently. If you haven’t already updated, do so — here’s what’s changed:

Label dragging

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