How my cat helped me understand what matters in life

(with a great help of my dog)

I have never been a cat person. I mean, dogs are smart, friendly, accountable and always happy to see you. And cats? As much as I knew they are unpredictable, let you hug them only when they feel like it, and are definitely smart, but they do not bother to listen to your commands.

However, my beloved dog is getting older, and I came up with the idea that the company of a young pet will have a good effect on his well-being. Due to my work and other responsibilities, I could not get another dog, though. So I was thinking and thinking, and finally I said “what the he**!”. The most crazy decision of my life has been made.

It’s been a year this week since my lovable kitty named Ruby started to live with me, and my black labrador Billy. To say it’s been a wild ride is to say nothing at all. Sleepless nights, material losses, pulling the cat from the highest places in the house. It has become my daily life. I will be honest — the first month was difficult. Now, however, I love this cat with a deepest love and I am grateful for how much she brought to my life.

Ruby also taught me what are the most important things in life. And what’s not. Here are some of the greatest wisdom of my cat.

Look how sweet she looked between one apocalypse and the other
  1. Always maintain order in the house. Everything lying on the table will be thrown as unnecessary. Each open drawer will be visited. Any scarf that hangs too low will be pulled down to show you how recklessly you behaved.
  2. You must learn to recognize what is important in life. Best — by understanding what is not. For example, furniture is not important. It does not matter that your new couch is all scratched. Forget about it and have some tea. Preferably in a heavy cup, so it can not be thrown off.
  3. It’s best to start the day early in the morning. All great people get up before 6 am. Do you want to achieve real success? Your cat will wake you up every day at 4 am. You can express your gratitude in the form of tuna in jelly. You’re welcome.
During service in the universe control center

4. There is no place where you can not get into. You simply have to keep trying. Think about the highest rack in your closet. Or about a lamp hanging from the ceiling. If my cat can get there — you can get into that university you dream of. And you can get that job you applied 5 times already. Just keep trying — Ruby proofs nothing is impossible!

5. And very similar to the previous point — if someone tells you that you can’t do something, and you are sure that it will be good for you — keep trying. If the cat wants to sleep on hard, narrow books, on an uneven surface — the cat will sleep on the books. Moving a cat to a soft blanket makes no sense. The cat knows where it’s comfortable, period.

It looks comfy.

6. If you have a powerful and wise person in your community — make friends with them. Even if initially you think that he is too powerful and you are so tiny. He has been there before you and knows in which drawer are the delicacies.

Yep, there IS a cat on this picture.

7. Last but not least — if you’re going to do something, go all out. Have fun, sleep, love, enjoy to the fullest. Life is too short to not enjoy it. Even if you have seven of them.

Sweet kisses after eating fresh salmon.

And here is one thing my dog teaches me everyday — it may be only one thing, but it’s the most powerful one. So no matter what happens to you — keep calm and stay cheerful. Perhaps at first this mad cat ran around you like crazy and did not let you sleep. Perhaps she sometimes tried to hit you with her claw. But when you’ve waited a little, it turned out that thanks to this cat you get more treats (because now two pairs of eyes look pleadingly), you go for a morning walk a lot earlier (because the owner is not sleeping anymore), and if you try well, then there will be twice as much your pictures in the internet.


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