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Is it possible to trade the markets profitably without using any indicators but just the price action analysis?

Have you ever wondered how a trader can make better decisions just by looking at the price charts alone?

Well, if you are looking for the answers to the above questions, then you are reading the right blog.

My name is Nataraj Malavade. I am a Full-time trader and Author of Mastermind of Day Trading. …

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Have you ever wondered how to read the Market Profile charts?
Are you a beginner to the concepts of Market Profile Trading?

If your answer is YES, then this article is going to help you to find many clues related to market profile trading.😀

Being as a Market Profile Trader in India from the past few years, I have gone through several phases of markets using this method, Market Profile Concepts are like an ocean, in that I will make an attempt to convey the fundamentals. At the end of this article, you will be able to get clarity on…

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You’ve seen the MTM’s of traders making lakhs. But here’s the thing, You can’t compare yourself to them :)


Because you’ve got different account size, risk appetite, Risk management, Strategy, and mindset.

If you do so, it is like comparing a Banana with Mango.

That’s why I am writing this post to explain how much money can you expect to make from trading with objective aspects. No more guesses. No more ridiculous projections. No more illusions.

Just statistics, numbers, and the naked truth.


Let’s Begin,

The very important aspect of a trading career.

You can have a 1:2 RRR (Risk to Reward Ratio)on your trades. But…

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Well, Often most of the beginners or even the experienced traders in trading focus on trading strategies or methods with which they can enter and exit from the markets.

Note: don’t forget to leave your valuable feedback in the comment section.

However, unfortunately, the most important and major part of trading that is Money management and Risk management is neglected.

in the 100% circle of trading, 70% of the part goes to discipline, RM(Risk Management) & MM(Money Management). The remaining 30% goes to trading strategies or methods.

When it comes to Money Management there are plenty of options available but…

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I assume you are at the intermediate level in the market profile concepts and you are well aware of the day structures and it’s characteristics. If you aren’t, then you must study the basic concepts of the market profile to get the most advantage of this article.
Learn the basics of the Market Profile : Click here

When I started my journey as a profile trader, I used to have a lot of confusion and conflict with the technical concepts of market profile. Slowly I started gaining the conviction on the trade setups that I was comfortable to trade. …

Nataraj Malavade

Full-Time Trader,Author,Trading coach & Founder @ TradeTute | Website: | Watch videos in YouTube Channel : Nataraj Malavade

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