Media Ecologies

Media ecologies today for me are defined by our different social media sources. We are morphing into a virtual world and what we once knew to be our natural ecology is becoming a virtual ecology. We can see how technology is fast changing our environment, with the creation of drones and go pro how we perceive information and make decisions is virtually becoming dependent of technology.

As a culture we are changing, traditions are evolving to fit in with the online world. It seems people are starting to play catch up to stay connected and relevant in the digital world. We are waiting in lines for hours for new the IPhone, for what? a slightly better camera? We as society are changing priorities. We are becoming zombies to technology, we always have to have better we cannot settle. Our media ecology is almost blinding us to what we are becoming. We are more concerned with receiving the latest app or update.

We have online dating services; shopping, insurance nothing is done face to face anymore. Our world is becoming a virtual space, our social skills are dwindling and we are falling fast into a antisocial society.

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