Instead of New Year resolutions here are 25 (and more) things I did in this year

Instead of New Year resolutions this is what I am doing, I am making a list of things I did in this year, the things I feel good about:

1. I’ve been to SXSW, Austin and visited San Antonio - Alamo. I saw the Great Wall of China, Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, tasted tea on the Chinese tea ceremony, saw a tomb of Chinese emperor, and learned who Zheng He was. I walked the beautiful Irish Cliffs of Moher, slept in a castle, and got frozen on the rocks of Burren and I ate Irish stew in Irish pub, and drove a car on the wrong side (just a test drive). I’ve been in Palm Springs, and Joshua tree park, and slept (kind of) in the sound-bath called Integratron. I walked my beautiful country, the Great beach, Skadar Lake, Kucka korita and Cijevna canyon, and visited Durmitor after 15 years.

2. I read some amazing books about China, Russia, and North Korea and I feel I understand their worlds much better now. And I learned some Chinese words too. I started following everything Elon Musk did after I read his biography. The Wright brothers are my second fascination as of this year. I discovered Cory Doctorow and read all of his books and started following everything EFF and I2C are doing.

3. I wore braces and corrected my teeth. Finally.

4. I camped for the first time in my life. It was in Albania.

5. I’ve been to a Italian/Russian wedding in Montenegro, and attended a wedding in orthodox church for the first time in my life.

6. I met some wonderful people and felt US culture from their homes and families.

7. I helped somebody get more confidence and saw results. And I let someone be and learn for themselves, and didn’t push as I used to do before.

8. I went to and I held an opening speech.

9. I helped people without asking and getting anything in return. Many times — so that my “100 deeds” bracelet is marked almost to a half. I am continuing with marking in next year.

10. I signed many agreements with good and hard working people for the next year, all non-corporate.

11. I love my NGO co-founders and members who did an amazing job this year so that I could sign, as a president :), the agreement with UNICEF and feel as a part of that.

12. My good friends got a baby and I feel crazy about it. I gave advices :)

13. I felt proud as someone close to me became happier. I somehow feel responsible for it.

14. Something I was saying for so long time proved true: business wise, but also privately.

15. I think my team is the best team anybody can ever have.

16. I am not nervous about public speaking anymore (or not so nervous as before).

17. My good friend is cured of cancer and I feel good about it.

18. I rested more than ever.

19. I was busy more than ever.

20. I am more patient than ever.

21. I organised many things and finished paperwork.

22. I found a true help and a partner and friend in business.

23. I feel more confident and successful than ever.

24. And I think I learned to let go (maybe not yet but…).

25. And last but not the least — I feel extremely proud of who my children are, as people, as heroes.

And of course, I want to thank people who have been on this path with me in this year. And of course there is a set of photos that goes well with this.

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